When you were younger, you got your first chest hair and celebrated. Well, maybe the hair that really excited you was on a different part of your body. Regardless, the younger you really misjudged how much fun certain aspects of adulthood would be. The truth is that managing body hair is a modern necessity, and it’s not exactly the best part of the day. Worse yet, the list of hairs you need to handle continues to grow. Well, if you haven’t yet, today is the day you add nose hair to your list. Here’s why.

Consider Your Love Life

It’s pretty simple when you think about it. Are you attracted to anyone’s nostril hairs? Have you ever been? If no, then why should anyone be attracted to yours? That’s just weird.

We’ve done our own surveys on this topic, and they all come to the same inevitable conclusion. 79% of partners agree long ear or nose hair is unattractive. If you have a bush of wiry snot hairs sticking out of your nose, it’s going to impact your love life. Trimming your nose hairs eliminates this issue pretty easily.

But, it actually runs much deeper than aesthetics. Nose hairs impact your life in a number of ways. We’re going to go through the most important of them in a moment. While we take this journey, think about how each issue is likely to impact your love life. Whether it hits your self-confidence or makes you look attractive, you’ll be able to understand how nose hair is hurting your love life on multiple fronts.

As for those of you who are in a happy, loving relationship where nose hair will never be a deal-breaker, congratulations. That’s great and all, but you still need to know the rest of this.

It’s About Comfort

In a lot of ways, body hair impacts comfort. We discuss this all the time when we bring up manscaping. One of the leading reasons to trim your pubes is to reduce the itch and tug you experience every day. It really is a game-changer.

Nose hair has a similar impact on your face. That stuff is wiry and obnoxious. It also only grows longer as you age. At some point, you’ll find it poking the insides of your nostrils. It will irritate your nose and cause discomfort.

It can also make you feel like you have something in your nose that shouldn’t be there. You’ll find yourself wiping and scratching at your nose all day. Remember what we said about how these other issues impact your love life? How smooth do you think your game is when you’re constantly rubbing or brushing your nose? They’ll either think that you’re gross or that you have an obvious addiction to some unmentionable substances. Those are both losing prospects.

So, when you trim your nose hair, you increase your general comfort. You don’t have to fight with your nose, and you feel better throughout the day. It’s a positive reinforcement loop that leads to a genuine increase in your quality of life.

Cleanliness Matter Too

Some of you know this, but we’ll make sure everyone is on the same page. Your nose hairs exist for a reason. They help filter the air you breathe to keep large particles from getting into your sinuses. That’s important, and it’s part of the reason we’re talking about trimming your hairs instead of permanently removing them (more on that in a bit).

Unfortunately, long nose hairs aren’t necessarily perfect at this job. They might keep things out of your sinuses, but they can trap stuff in your nostrils. That’s still a problem. You don’t want a hairy bush of nose fluff covered in dirt and boogers. Just reading that made you scrunch your face in disgust. Imagine how other people react when that’s what they see in your nose.

Trimming the long hairs removes the debris issue without completely eliminating your nose hairs and their biological benefits. It’s a best of both worlds kind of scenario.

There’s another issue of cleanliness. Those things that get stuck in your nostrils can affect you too. In fact, they tend to trap smells in your nose. You’ll either be smelling that stink incessantly (You’ve smelled your own boogers before. Don’t lie.), or you’ll go nose blind to it. Neither is a good scenario.

Ingrown Nose Hairs Exist

Full disclosure: ingrown nose hairs are not super common. That said, they do exist, and they are exactly as awful as you’re imagining. Trimming is the tidy, preventative solution to that problem.

Trimming Is Better Than Other Grooming Options

man plucking nose hair

The ultimate reason to trim your nose hairs is because the other options aren’t good. Technically, you can remove nose hair with any tools or techniques you use on any other part of your body. We don’t want to be liable for a handful of you taking this as a challenge, so we’re only going to discuss the most common types of nose hair removal and why they suck.


Nose hairs are an OG case for plucking. You get some tweezers and take care of the long hairs as you see them. It doesn’t take that long. Tweezers are cheap. Plucked hairs take a long time to regrow. Why wouldn’t you do it this way?

Well, the inside of your nose is pretty sensitive. Would you pluck hair from your upper thigh? No? Your nostrils are more sensitive. They’re part of the whole smelling mechanism of your body, and that requires high sensitivity. When you pluck, you damage the skin in there. It doesn’t rebound as quickly and easily as more exposed skin. Because of that, you get inflammation in your nostrils. That can lead to minor swelling in the nose which can impact your ability to breathe and smell. It is also the opposite of a sexy look.

Plucking also increases the risk of ingrown hairs. They’re only uncommon because too many people don’t groom their nose hairs. If you start plucking, you’ll become part of a growing statistic in no time.


By now, there’s a good chance you’ve seen some viral videos of people waxing their noses. Pandemic lockdowns were weird for everyone. There’s no need to judge.

What those videos might have taught you is that waxing your nose is painful. What they might not have taught you is that it takes the downsides of plucking and multiplies them by hot wax. You still irritate and inflame your nose. You still get blood as a result.

Waxing does have two advantages over plucking that are worth mentioning. Hot wax is usually cleaner than lukewarm tweezers, so the risk of infection is reduced. It isn’t eliminated, but it’s reduced. The other advantage is that waxed hair is less likely to become ingrown than plucked hair. It still can happen, but the wax actually enlarges the follicle and pores before removing the hair which moderately lowers the chance of the new hair being ingrown.

Just Use The Weed Whacker

At this point, you understand the value of grooming your nose. You also have some insight as to why you want to trim. You still have options about how to go about trimming. For the most part, you can use scissors or an electric trimmer. The Weed Whacker is an impressive nose and ear hair trimmer. Here are a few reasons why it should be your top pick.


The Weed Whacker has proprietary safety technology that protects you from nicks and cuts. You do not have to approach nose trimming with the care and dexterity of a surgeon. In fact, you can be fairly clumsy and you’ll be fine.

The blade head rotates in every direction, and it’s powered by a 7,000 RPM motor. This makes it easy to trim your nose hairs, and it reduces issues that are caused by lesser automated blades. The risks of tugging and tearing hairs are minimized, so you get a safe, pleasant, and fast experience.


The Weed Whacker is designed to help you trim your nose. Part of that design is overcoming your lack of motivation. It’s wireless, so you can trim wherever you find the process convenient. If you want to trim in bed, you can. You shouldn’t, but you can. 

The trimmer is also water resistant and shock resistant. You can use it in the shower or other places in the bathroom, and you don’t have to worry about babying it. It has a fast charger that is interchangeable with The Lawn Mower 3.0, so even keeping the battery juiced is easy.

Speaking of batteries, this one lasts for 90 minutes of continual use. Considering you only need a few minutes per male grooming session, you won’t have to charge this tool very often.

You Already Groom Your Body

The last reason to use The Weed Whacker is trust. You’re already using MANSCAPED products to take care of the rest of your body. Don’t you want that same quality of tool for your nose? You can work nasal grooming into the rest of your routine pretty easily. Most guys only need to trim about once a month. Even if you’re ahead of the curve, trimming every week or so won’t be demanding when you take advantage of our full line of tools.

Now that you’re converted, you’re ready to live a better life. You can get the best nose hair trimmer and add it to your regular routine. You’ll look and feel better, and you deserve to have the best tool for the job. 

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By: Christina Ablahad
Title: Why You Need to Trim Your Nose Hair
Sourced From: www.manscaped.com/blogs/grooming/why-you-need-to-trim-your-nose-hair
Published Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 20:30:00 +0000

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