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A Nice Wristwatch

Every man should have a good watch. With the age of digital technology now, who says a man needs a watch when he can look at the time on his mobile phone? But yes, having a watch strapped around your wrist would define your taste. It defines how you invest in your wardrobe. It makes you look decent if it is used as an accent to your outfit 


Well-made Blazer

Every gentleman needs at least one blazer in his closet. A well-fitted coat can make you look good. It can also be paired up with your everyday jeans or your slacks. A neutral color can be the best option for you if you plan to mix and match it with your casual pants and still look smart.

Classic Belt

One essential thing you need to have to match your wardrobe is a classy leather belt. The rule of thumb is, if your pants have loops, wear a belt. Your belt color should match the color of the shoes you are wearing. 

Handy Pocket knife

With the correct knife in your hands, you can use it to open a fruit, a bottle, cut a tree branch, or even remove a fish’s scales. You can also choose to have a survival multi-tool rather than having a single pocket knife. A multi-tool can be more useful because you can have a combination of pliers, tweezer, blade, screwdriver, corkscrew, and a knife. A very handy and convenient tool to have at any time. 



This piece of material may just be needed for formal business attire but it shows another character in men, professionalism. It gives a more respectable image to those who wear it during a business meeting or a corporate event.

Wireless headset

A pair of this can make it easier for men to take those business calls wherever they may be. Apart from using it for entertainment, this can be very useful if you are on a trip and you need to take that call from a client. If you do not want to be disturbed with those wires, wireless headsets should be a perfect option.


Men are comfortable with pockets. Having a wallet is so much useful to keep your cards. It will look neat and organized in a thin wallet instead of the big bulging wallet in your pocket.

Grooming Kit

One of the most useful things that you should keep is a set of clippers, scissors, shaver, nail file, and a small comb. Looking fresh and clean all the time will add to your self-confidence when you meet people. A real man takes care of hygiene. 


If you work with a computer and you are always traveling, a laptop can be very useful. This makes you productive and efficient at your job even when you are out of the office.  This can also be very handy making it possible for you to bring it during your business meetings.

Weekend Traveler Bag

You will need a perfect bag for that quick getaway. A hand-carry bag where you can put your stuff for that two-day travel or even when you are on a business trip. You can look respectable with a well-made bag, quality material that won’t make it look hard to carry and with those leather handles.


While good appearance can bring you that far, wearing a mesmerizing fragrance can make your style a winning look. Keep a bottle of your fragrance and it can make you feel refreshed after a series of meetings. Remember to have a splash on your wrists and neck after a shower.

Men really want to own things, some are their needs instead of what they want. This is not being materialistic, it is actually about how you understand that the things you have around you describe your character and style. It defines who you are and that you always aim to be a better version of yourself. 


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