Italy is well known for being one of the most delightful tourist destinations globally. No matter what you’re looking for from city to coast, it has it. People from all over the world indulge in delightful Italian cuisine, but one of the most beautiful spots that you’ll come across is Amalfi Coast.

If you want to be there for more than just a few hours, there are some incredibly luxurious restaurants, cozy and comfortable hotels and it has great transport links too.

Well, anywhere in Italy offers unforgettable experiences the Amalfi Coast has some spectacular options.

Of course, one of the best ways to enjoy any coastline is to hire a boat for the day you can hire it so that you or you can opt for one with a Skipper. You might just be surprised at all the yachts available for charter when visiting the Amalfi Coast during your holiday in Italy

The town of Amalfi

Exploring The Town Square of Amalfi in Italy
Of course, while you’re there, you should head to the main town as it is usually brimming with other tourists but more than worth the time. It is stunning and has exactly what you want to see in terms of a range of multi-colored houses of different sizes built up into the hillsides.  

What makes this one so interesting to visit is that unlike many of the other smaller towns, this one has its Cathedral. This is the place where you had to go with your camera and be prepared to fill an entire memory card.

Whether you are there for the food, a weekend getaway to the beach, or you just want a quite escape, the town of Amalfi in Italy can definitely offer some unforgettable experiences. Discover why it needs to be on your bucket list!
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Grotta dello Smeraldo Cave

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience in the Amalfi Coast, then visiting The Emerald Cave is certainly one of them. My other cave is one of the few caves bathed in natural, green-toned light. The effect means that the color of the water looks turquoise green similar to what you might see in movies.

Accessible by an elevator, you’ll board a boat for a guided tour. 

Valle Delle Ferriere

There isn’t a time when a waterfall isn’t spectacular, but the Valle Delle Ferriere offers a truly incredible experience in the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The waterfall is surrounded by many cycling trails and some gorgeous hiking trails too. 

The scenery is stunning, and since the area is protected, you won’t pop into as many tourists as you would in some of the other areas.

Along the hiking trail, you’ll be offered some of the most beautiful views around, and it means you can soak up some of the towns surrounding the area from a whole new angle.

Experience the Amalfi Coast by Train