tukr.com is an exciting arrival in the online foodie space that is promising to provide a fun and interactive social media platform experience unlike anything else.

What is the meaning of tukr?

tukr is a contraction of the Australian word for food – Tucker, hence the use of the word tukr as the domain and business name for tukr.com

In Australia, there is a folklore story of the dog who sat on the tucker box until his owners return. It’s a powerful story of loyalty and friendship and that is what forms the basis of tukr.com as it grows in the foodie community, uniting the avid foodie with chefs and restauranteurs alike.

Where is tukr located?

tukr is located in Wilmington NC with offices along the Cape Fear River overlooking the Battleship North Carolina

tukr logo

Interested in joining the tukr foodie community?

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