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  • Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?
  • Is Pubic Hair Unhygenic
  • Why Do Men Trim Their Pubic Hair?
  • Risks Of Trimming Your Pubic Hair
  • Common Pubic Hair Designs For Guys
    • 5 O’Clock Shaddow
    • The Landing Strip
    • The Lion’s Mane
    • The Postage Stamp
    • Full Bare
  • Can You Use a Beard Trimmer to Trim Your Pubes?
  • How to Trim Your Pubic Hair Without It Itching
  • What to Do After Trimming Your Pubic Hair
  • What to Do If You Cut Yourself While Trimming
  • Best Way to Collect Hair While Trimming
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You’ve probably trimmed your pubic hair before. If you’re in the minority of men who don’t currently have a trimmed penis, there’s no shame. Regardless of your past, everyone is curious, and that’s why you’re here today. You want to know which male grooming styles are the most popular. What kinds of designs are guys shaving into themselves these days?

Fortunately for you, this is our area of expertise. We have a pretty large following, and we used that to poll the men and ask what they’re into. Today, we will educate you on the best penis trimming styles. We’ll talk about how to do the grooming and cover everything else you could possibly need to know about getting rid of hair on your shaft. This is your chance to enter the upper echelon of male grooming pros.

Why Do We Have Pubic Hair?

Human body hair is really weird. We have a ton on top of our head, a fair amount on our faces, a lot less on our torsos and limbs, and then a giant tuft around the genitals? Who came up with this design? Even the burliest men follow this map — although they might look bushy standing next to a less-hairy guy. It doesn’t make sense at a glance.

It turns out that human body hair serves different functions. The hair on the top of your head is primarily to keep you warm. Your pubes are completely different. Their functions are mostly related to hygiene and friction. It takes a little thinking, but in a primal world, pubic hair reduces friction during sex — especially when it’s nice and bushy. Of course, these days we can just use lube, so its importance is diminished.

Pubic hair also helps with hygiene. For starters, it traps smells. While that’s gross to a modern human, not so long ago, pheromone projection was an important part of mating. Pubes help trap pheromones to help them do their thing.

Similarly, pubes can help prevent the spread of some venereal diseases. Crabs obviously aren’t on the list, but pubes inhibit the transfer of infection from one person to another. Before you get carried away, a large bush is not a substitute for condoms. You can get plenty of VD no matter how long your pubes are, but evolutionarily, they helped mitigate the spread of some infections.

Is Pubic Hair Unhygienic?


Even though pubic hair has evolutionary reasons to be there, that doesn’t mean modern humans are big fans of it. While some people are more into bush than others, most of us are less than attracted to the wiry hairs that sprout up below the shorts.

The modern consensus is that pubes are gross. They trap sweat and smell bad. They get itchy and can make it easier for your skin to dry out. There’s a lot wrong with pubes. Despite all of that, they are not inherently unhygienic. Pubes are like any other part of your body. They are exactly as clean or gross as your lifestyle. If you keep them clean, they’re plenty hygienic. If you skip showers, they’ll make you smell awful.

That said, groomed pubic hair is a lot easier to maintain, so for the lazy guy, male grooming might prove to be the answer to how to make your penis smell good.

Why Do Men Trim Their Pubic Hair?

Man Trimming His Pubic Hair With A Body Trimmer

In truth, men have been grooming their bodies (all of their bodies) since at least ancient Egypt. Considering that’s the oldest documented civilization, we can say that men have been grooming pretty much forever. 

The modern trend has picked up a lot of steam in the last 15 years or so. If you want to know why, we should answer three related questions.

Does Trimming Your Pupic Hair Make Your Penis Look Larger?

The answer is a resounding yes. Everyone knows this. There is no disagreement, and you can see why this is a powerful motivator for a lot of guys. Whether it’s for your own self-esteem or to show off to someone else, trimming makes you look bigger.

When Did Grooming Pubic Hair become the Norm?

While the idea of male grooming has been around for thousands of years, the normalization is very modern history. We can talk about old hairless trends, but the modern normalization starts with the advent of the bikini. Women were suddenly showing a lot more skin, and that ultimately led them to think about whether or not any pubes were showing. The Brazilian wax took off in the 90s, and within 10 years, it was so popular that men began really exploring the ideas of controlling their pubes. Male grooming became the norm between 2005 and 2010. In that time frame, male groomers went from a minority to a majority.

Why Do Men Typically Start Trimming their Pubic Hair?

There are a few answers to this. Some guys don’t start trimming until their 30s, 40s or even 50s. For them, finally getting into grooming is usually about comfort. They’ve heard other guys praise the trim, so they try it themselves.

For younger men, it’s usually a lot more about societal pressure. Men are outright expected to groom these days, and younger guys are faster to jump on the train.

Risks of Trimming Your Pubic Hair

As you can imagine, pubic grooming comes with some risks. If that is what has kept you from adopting the practice so far, that’s completely understandable. Any man would shudder at the thought of cutting himself when trying to remove some hair. Truth be told, it’s something that happens. When you use a razor, you run that risk, and if you shave enough, you will inevitably cut yourself.

Even with a lot of modern trimmers, the risk is still there. Despite cutting guards, if you’re careless, you can poke yourself or otherwise create an unpleasant situation.

What’s worse than a simple cut is that cuts can get infected. They can increase your risk of contracting certain STIs, and that’s really not something any of us want to think about. With all of that in mind, there are a few things you can do to mitigate risk.

  1. Always use a clean, sharp razor. Dull razors are more likely to cut you than sharp razors Regardless, a clean razor helps you prevent infection.
  2. More injuries occur when a partner helps. There are parts of your body that are hard to do yourself. Despite that, involving another person makes things complicated and comes with new risks.
  3. Always stand while trimming. Your body is made for standing upright. You’re at your most stable standing over your own feet. 
  4. Never share your hair removal tools. When you share tools, you share germs. This is even true when you share your tool with other parts of your body.
  5. Avoid using your beard trimmer. It’s easy to understand why early adopters were doing this, but these days, there are trimmers designed specifically for body grooming. They do the job much better.

Common Pubic Hair Designs for Guys

We can finally get into the meat of the topic. You came here for pubic hair styles, and we have a few that are worth learning. These are the most commonly choses pubic hair designs for guys.

Man Shaving A 5 O'clock Shaddow With A Body Hair Trimmer

5 O’Clock Shadow

This is basically a standard groin haircut. We polled our followers, and 68 percent of them said that this is their go-to look. The 5 o’clock shadow is what it sounds like. You trim the pubes down to be pretty short, but not completely bald. It’s simple. It’s easy. It looks good.

Here’s a tip for the newbies. The first time you do this, use the cutting guards on your pube trimmer, and err on the side of leaving things too long. If you go too short, you might find that your 5 o’clock shadow is prickly or itchy.

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair: The 5 O’Clock Shadow

In order to get a top-notch shadow, you want to follow a simple plan. First, ensure that your Lawn Mower 3.0™ trimmer is fully charged. Follow that by laying down your Magic Mat™ shaving mat. You want to use the longest guard length at its highest setting. Trim with The Lawn Mower by placing it flat against your skin with the blades perpendicular. Trim in every direction.

When dealing with the balls (or other loose skin), pull it tight to prevent nicks and tugs.

Once you have gone through, adjust the cutting length and go a little shorter if you want to, but heed our previous warning.

Runway landing strip

The Landing Strip

Another popular style is the landing strip. There’s a chance you have seen this on someone before; it’s popular with the guys and the ladies. According to our survey, 11 percent of guys always go with a landing strip while a quarter of all guys have tried it at least once.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, this is a style where you leave a strip of longer pubes above the penis. Everything else is taken down shorter. The aesthetic, as you might have guessed, is a thin strip of pubic hair.

How to Shave a Landing Strip

The traditional landing strip mixes shaving and trimming, so start by trimming everything down to the lowest guard length. This technique should be like the 5 o’clock shadow, but you’re taking everything down shorter.

After this, remove the guard and shave the pubes, leaving a thin line above the goods. Take the rest of the pubic hair as low as it can get with your trimmer.

Lion With A Large Mane

The Lion’s Mane

The lion’s mane is a fun look for your trimmed penis. The idea is pretty basic. You go bare on the testicles and at the base of the shaft. Everywhere else is left wild. You can imagine how this resembles an actual lion’s mane.

This isn’t the most popular style of all, but it’s common enough. Eight percent of our respondents prefer this look. A quarter of them has tried it at some point.

How to Shave a Lion’s Mane

The technique for this one is easy enough too. Start by trimming the shaft and balls at the highest Lawn Mower setting. Bring the length down gradually until you have to remove it. Don’t touch any other hair down there.

You’ll find that once you’re comfortable trimming the shaft and balls, this is the fastest and easiest style to maintain.

Postage Stamp

The Postage Stamp, the Arrow, and the Bermuda Triangle

These are variations on the same concept. You’re putting a specific shape into your pubic hair. It’s kind of like when guys had words trimmed into their hair in the 90s, but a lot easier. The primary shapes that are common are arrows, triangles and squares.

Only five percent of our respondents prefer this style, but it’s definitely fun to at least try once.

How to Shave Shapes into Your Pubic Hair

This type of grooming is more advanced than other styles. It’s best to use a stencil. You can create one with heavy paper pretty easily.

Once you have a stencil, go ahead and bring everything down to a 5 o’clock shadow. Take a little lotion and apply it to your stencil. Hold it in place and shave around it with no guard on The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer.

Finish up by cleaning up any hair that doesn’t fit around the genital area. The only prominent hair should be the remaining shape.

Bald Head Of A Man

Goin Full Bare

Shaving everything smooth is one of the first and most popular looks for male grooming. In recent years, it has fallen in popularity as guys have discovered a number of fun styles. Still, eight percent of our responders like being as smooth as possible.

While going full bare denotes a certain amount of baldness, it doesn’t have to lack in creativity. You can pair baldness with any other style to really make an aesthetic pop.

If you want to know more about going bald, we made a complete tutorial for you.

Can You Use a Beard Trimmer to Trim Your Pubes?

In a technical, pedantic way of thinking, a beard trimmer can cut your pubes. It is physically capable of doing the job, but most beard trimmers will struggle with the thicker, stronger hairs around your penis. Pubic hairs make short work of most beard trimmers, so you’re usually better off with something designed to handle them.

Besides that, there is an important reason that trimming your pubic hair with a beard trimmer is a bad idea. That reason is hygiene. Very different microbes grow on different parts of your body, and you don’t want to mix and match them. One of the most dangerous bacterias that may be living in your groin area is Staph. Using a trimmer that you use interchangeably between your groin and face could lead to developing a Staph infection. According to the US National Library of Medicine, between 10-30% of people who develop a Staph infection will die from it.

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair Without It Itching

Man Scratching His Crotch

There are a few tricks that help in trimming your pubic hair without it itching. The first is to not go too short. A lot of times, itching comes from your prickly hairs poking your skin. If you go a little longer in cutting length, you skip this issue.

Itchiness can also come from dry skin, so moisturizing after you groom helps a lot.

Lastly, take care of your pubic hair. If you wash it correctly, it will be software and less prone to irritation.

What to Do After Trimming Your Pubic Hair

The first thing you should do after a trim is wash yourself. Clipped hair will make you itch like crazy, so clean thoroughly. After that, you want to moisturize and exfoliate. These two steps will keep your skin healthy and prevent issues like ingrown hairs. 

What to Do If You Cut Yourself While Trimming

Despite your careful efforts, if you get a cut, you want to take care of it right away. Use a disinfectant (like Neosporin) and put pressure on the cut to stop the bleeding. Depending on the severity, you can usually finish your trim, but if it’s too much, then stop. You can catch up on trimming after the cut heals.

If the cut ever seems severe, go see a doctor. It’s why we have them.

Best Way to Collect Hair While Trimming

The very best way to deal with the mess of hair clippings is to not worry about them. Let them fall. When you lay down a Magic Mat, you get a large surface where your pubes can fall freely. To clean up, all you have to do is toss the mat. It’s super easy and by far the best method.

Thus concludes your complete guide to maintaining a trimmed penis. You now know the styles, how to achieve them and how to deal with grooming in general. You are empowered to make your pubic hair into a dazzling display of sexiness. The only thing left is to get after it.

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