Pesach, or Passover, is an important Jewish holiday that occurs during the Spring months. It is a great time of year to gather as a family, enjoy symbolic food and beverages together, and tell stories about the exodus of the Israelites in Egypt. Although many people tend to stay home during Pesach, it is actually the perfect time of year to tackle items on your travel bucket list. Whether it’s traveling to the Holy Land, visiting relatives in another state, or spending it at an all-inclusive kosher resort, create new traditions this Pesach with a trip away from home.

Spend Passover with Family
While Traveling during Pesach you can often find amazing Seder Meals Outdoors

Pesach often revolves around the family, and Seder is usually the first day everyone gathers together. If you are the one who hosts the entire family every time, why not take the opportunity to visit far-flung family members instead this year? Pesach is a great time to see family who you rarely see throughout the year. You can even organize this holiday with other relatives so that you all end up in the same place. 

Whether travelling to the Holy Land, visiting family in another state, or going to a kosher resort, see why Pesach is a great time to travel. #Pesach #Passover #JewishTravel
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Spring is in the Air

Pesach falls in the season of spring, and the spring months offer the perfect temperature and ambiance to travel. With the cold months of winter gone and the promise of summer ahead, springtime is all about new beginnings, which makes it a great time to visit new places.

There are Plenty of Things to Do
Family traveling during Passover in Jerusalem taking in all the sights

Following on from the previous point, spring is also the time of year when many activities are available again after the winter months. This makes Pesach a great time for golfers to get together with family and get active at a luxury resort. Leisure Time Tours offer the perfect kosher For Passover Palm Beach vacation for those who enjoy golfing, relaxing at the spa, and other recreational activities. Going to a kosher Pesach vacation means that no one has to play host, and everyone gets to have fun.

Freedom From the Kitchen

Not only does travel during Pesach mean that no one plays host, but it also means that no one is stuck in the kitchen. Although spending Pesach at home has its charms, it usually means someone has to plan, cook and clean up after everyone else. Relieve the stress by taking a vacation as a family instead.

Take the Chance to Visit the Holy Land
A man traveling through the Holy Land during Pesach

Whether you have taken trips
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