While digital cameras certainly offer a wide gamut of advantages over their largely forgotten “film brethren”, one thing they didn’t do is help the photographer narrow down their stronger shots, especially within a limited amount of time. Instead of having a few hundred images to sift through (after the film was developed), a working professional now has thousands of images to sort after a full weekend of shooting.

We asked some of our photographers who we sent to the Velocity Invitational what their favorite images were now that the dust has settled. It’s interesting to see what they picked, and read the comments behind the shot. Don’t forget to enjoy the gallery below this article, and please note the contact information we have included in case you’re interested in ordering a print.

In no particular order:

1955 Mercedes Benz 300SLR

1955 Mercedes Benz 300SLR
©2021 Dennis Gray. [email protected]

My favorite car of the event. Late Thursday afternoon in celebration of the life and career of Sir Sterling Moss, Derik Hill takes a 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SLR through Laguna’s turn five. z7II Nikon, f/2.8 70/200mm plus a 1.4TX racked out to 280mm at 1/320 second f/16.

1973 Mirage M6

1973 Mirage M6
© 2021 Bill Wagenblatt [email protected]

At the Velocity Invitational we were treated to 4 days of sun and a most amazing “golden hour”. This shot of Chris McAllister in the 1973 Mirage M6 with that late afternoon California sun is a favorite. One of the things I enjoy about historic racing is the chance to see cars that I’d watch race back-in-the-day. I was present at the magnificent Spa-Francorchamps circuit in May, 1973 when this Mirage M6 won the Spa 1000km race.

1969 Porsche 917K

1969 Porsche 917K
One of two 1969 Porsche 917K coupes graced the afterrnoon light during demonstration laps. © Rex McAfee [email protected]

Part of the excitement at the “VI” was the Porsche 917 display which included two 917Ks, three 917/10s and a 917/30. Here we see one of the early 917Ks during a demonstration session. It was a satisfying moment to capture this image as I had the time the car coming out of the shadows. I don’t use a mono-pod so keeping my camera focused on the driver’s face (versus the front of the car) was also a challenge.

1968 Sunoco Z28

1968 Sunoco Z28
©2021 Dennis Gray. [email protected]

As the sun sets the Trans-Am cars come out to run Friday afternoon. This number 6 Camaro is the 1968 Sunoco Z28 driven by Tom McIntyre. I found a corner I liked, good background, the cars came through in groups and the late afternoon light played off the cars. I spent the afternoon watching the light get better and better.  z7II Nikon,

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By: Rex McAfee
Title: Top 10 Images from Velocity Invitational
Sourced From: sportscardigest.com/top-10-images-from-velocity-invitational-2021/
Published Date: Mon, 13 Dec 2021 00:32:50 +0000

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