When it comes to being a Master Technician, the Porsche Academy demands the best from every graduate. To ensure their ability to take on any task, this Porsche Carrera GT has been rebuilt 78 times. Teams of four band together as a rite of passage before they earn their degree. Taking the car completely apart gives each student an appreciation for the car and the engineering behind it.

Porsche Carrera GT Specs, Price, Review and Photos

This 4-day class covers aspects from clutch replacement to body panels and even removal of the V10 engine. Thankfully, the Carrera GT has proven to be one of the most reliable supercars of all time, and it is reflected in the price. If your collection needs the perfect Porsche, click the button below to find one near you.

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CGT in PEC ATL Heritage Gallery

CGT workshop 2

CGT workshop 1

Images(C) Porsche North America

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: This Porsche Carrera GT Has Been Rebuilt 78 Times
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