When designers set out to create menswear collections, they’re using the same concept of a muse that gets romanticized in women’s fashion. The muse may not be as iconic as Jane Birkin (the inspiration behind the famous Birkin bag) or as profound as Jean Paul Gaultier’s relationship with Madonna, but a muse is always present nonetheless—and the muse behind the 2022 menswear shows must have been wearing a jean jacket. Men’s fashion week featured so much denim on the runway that the word “jeans” is too generic of a term to describe it all. To break it down, these 2022 men’s denim trends demonstrate just how many different personalities the fabric can fit. 

Maybe Hedi Slimane, the current designer of Celine, spent some time admiring skateboarders around Paris. Or perhaps Anthony Alvarez of Bluemarble is binge-watching the tv series Yellowstone and has picked up on the subtleties of Western wear. In truth, I imagine that all of men’s fashion must be in Canada’s good graces with the surplus of Canadian tuxedos featured on the Parisian runways this season! The men’s denim trends were all inspired by these muses, and you’re bound to be too—careful, or you’ll fall in love. 

Men’s fashion week is often an indicator for the larger trends we’ll see emerge throughout the rest of the fashion season, and if you need a celebrity example, Kanye West is clearly on board with pushing denim to the forefront of style. Just last week, he made his couples’ debut with Julia Fox in matching denim ensembles at the Kenzo show. And we all remember what happened when Kanye started the trend of monochrome sweatsuits right? Hint: we all ended up buying them. 


Although these are menswear trends, virtually anyone can wear them, so don’t hesitate to read up and style your next OOTD with the below looks in mind. These denim trends capture so many different styles, you probably already have something you can pull out of your closet if you want to participate. Or, you can always go shopping. We love a good excuse!

Maximalist Canadian Tuxedo

David Catalán; Kenzo/iMaxTree.

While a Canadian tuxedo refers to an all-denim look, it usually refers to a combination of jeans and denim jacket. Brands like David Catalán and Kenzo took the concept to a new level with heavily-layered denim outfits. It’s now officially encouraged to wear a denim shirt under your denim jacket—and you will receive bonus points if you have a denim tie! Something to note is that the Maximalist Canadian Tuxedos on the runway didn’t always have denim that was the same wash, so feel free to mix and

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By: Olivia Marcus
Title: These 3 Denim Trends Took Over Men’s Fashion Week
Sourced From: stylecaster.com/mens-denim-trends/
Published Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 22:33:12 +0000

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