Finding the perfect sexy men’s colognes for you can be tough.

To make the correct choice – you need to know the science of scent, which olfactory notes best suit you and your personality, and what sets a fragrance king apart from a fragrance fool.

With all of that confusing information out there – where do you even start?

sexy mens cologne

Gentlemen – today is your lucky day. Over many years, I’ve been sampling tons of great fragrances, and I’ve had the opportunity to sort through and separate the damn fine from the dreadful. In short – I’ve put in the hard work for you.

The research is done and the results are in. It’s about time that we break down 2022’s top sexy men’s colognes and work out which ones you should try for yourself.

Here we go.

A Brief Introduction To Fragrances

fragrance concentration explained
Click here for the ultimate introduction to men’s colognes – everything you need to know!

Before diving into the world of men’s fragrance – we first need to establish a basic understanding of how scents are made up.

Don’t worry, guys – this isn’t chemistry 101. We won’t go too deep into this – after all, whole books and years of studies have gone into the art of fragrance creation. All we need is to know are the foundations of olfactory science and how this influences what cologne we should buy for ourselves.

Fragrance notes breakdown – Top, Middle, and Base notes.

Fragrances are divided into three scent levels (or “notes”):

  • Top Notes are what smell you first. These comprise lighter scents (mostly) in the floral and fruity category. Top notes come and go quickly – usually lasting about 15 minutes on the skin.
  • Medium/Heart Notes form the core of the fragrance. This “second wave” starts to linger as the top notes dissipate, sticking around for an additional 2-4 hours on the skin.
  • Base Notes consist of the heavier, denser scent molecules. This is where you’ll find the rougher, more “masculine” notes like oakmoss, vetiver, and musk. You can expect base notes to last anywhere between 4-8 hours on the skin.

For the sake of this article – that’s all you need to know. Of course, there is always more to learn. If you want to become even more informed on the science behind your favorite colognes, check out my guide to buying men’s fragrances online.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business. I present to you my carefully curated list of the top 20 sexy men’s colognes currently on the market today.

1. Gentleman Eau De Parfum – Givenchy

Gentleman Eau De Parfum by Givenchy

First on our list is a deep, woody fragrance by Givenchy. Throughout this fragrance’s life on your skin, you’ll pick up on the scents of spice and amber mixed in with some fresher notes and tones of vanilla.

In short, gents – these rich notes mean that this fragrance is suited to a man that wants warmer tones.

Top Notes: Black Pepper, Lavender, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Orris Cloves Cinnamon

Base Notes: Black Vanilla Husk, Tolu Balsam, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Benzoin

2. The One For Men – Dolce and Gabbana

sexy cologne The One For Men by Dolce&Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s classic fragrance should be a part of any man’s fragrance collection. The One For Men has been enticing women’s sense of smell since 2008 and is still as popular today as it was upon release.

Why? Simple – this fragrance was specifically formulated by Stefano Gabbana to be timeless and classic:

“A classic men’s fragrance that would last for years and be the type of scent that women adore.” – Stefano Gabbana

A challenge I’d say he succeeded in – given The One For Men’s popularity over the last 14 years.

Dolce & Gabbana also released a stronger Eau De Parfum version of this great fragrance. Its increased strength allows it to fill a room without becoming overpowering and unpleasant, and the strong base notes remain on the skin for even longer after application.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Corriander, Basil

Heart Notes: Ginger, Cardamom, Orange Blossom

Base Notes: Amber, Tobacco, Cedar

3. Eros – Versace

Versace Eros
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Versace is a brand grounded in Greek mythology. Heck, their logo is a depiction of Medusa!

Eros, the god of love, is portrayed here. It establishes a man who is not only wealthy but confident and cultured. This fragrance brings to mind the Ancient Greek Isles and the decadent excesses often associated with them.

  • Top Notes: Mint, apple, lemon.
  • Heart Notes: Tonka Bean, geranium, ambroxan.
  • Base Notes: Cedar, vetiver, oakmoss.

4. Luna Rossa Black – Prada

prada luna rossa is a sexy men's cologne

Luna Rossa was created to compliment the achievements of the Prada Luna Rossa sailing team – a collection of Italian sailboat racers who competed in the 2000 America’s cup under Prada’s sponsorship.

It is a simple yet effective fragrance. With only six notes – this scent doesn’t present the same complexity as other fragrances on this list. However, sometimes a cleaner scent with more defined notes is better. Remember the old saying, gents – sometimes less is more.

Top Notes: Bergamot

Heart Notes: Angelica, Patchouli

Base Notes: Amber, Coumarin, Musk

5. Sauvage Eau De Parfum – Dior

sexy men's perfume dior sauvage

I’ll get straight to the point with this one – Dior Sauvage is a really sexy men’s cologne. However – the scent itself isn’t hyper-masculine. Sauvage is sensual – giving off an impression of class and sophistication while also portraying a sort of sensuality you don’t often find in men’s fragrances.

This bad boy has one of the greatest defining features of a sexy men’s cologne – when a woman walks past a man wearing this scent, she can straight away tell ‘that guy’s wearing Dior Sauvage!’

The 2018 Eau De Parfum formula increases the intensity of these scent triggers – with the addition of different oriental notes to the original Eau De Toilette formula.

Top Notes: Bergamot

Heart Notes: Sichuan Pepper, Lavender, Star Anise, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Ambroxan, Vanilla

6. Y Eau De Parfum – Yves Saint Laurent

YSL sexy men's cologne

Y Eau De Parfum is described as an aromatic fougere fragrance for men. In short, gents – this fragrance is heavily inspired by nature. Fougere is french for ‘fern’ – which should give you an idea of the clean, natural aromas associated with this scent classification.

However, that isn’t to say that this fragrance might come across as feminine. In fact, those who formulated this scent describe it as:

“A seductive fragrance interpretation of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic white T-shirt and black jacket.”.

Top notes: Bergamot, Ginger, Apple

Heart Notes: Sage, Geranium, Juniper Berries

Base Notes: Vetiver, Cedar, Tonka, Amber Woods, Olibanum

7. Black Phantom – Kilian

black phantom by kilian is a sexy men's fragrance

Black Phantom is one of the more unique fragrances on my list. For one thing – this scent can be considered a unisex fragrance in that both men and women can wear it and pull it off.

That isn’t to say that you should avoid this fragrance – with notes such as coffee and rum contained within it, this scent is certainly masculine in many ways. However, there is also a sweetness within it that edges away from the classicly masculine scents of the past and towards the more sensual colognes of the 21st century.

Top notes: Heliotrope, Sugar Cane, Almond

Heart Notes: Coffee, Caramel

Base Notes: Rum, Dark Chocolate, Sandalwood

8. Jet Black – Michael Malul

jet black cologne by michael malul

Very similar to the previous fragrances on this list – Jet Black features many of the same masculine fragrance notes we come to expect from a sexy men’s cologne.

With a well-balanced mixture of notes such as Bergamot and Leather – this cologne is another classic ‘man’ scent with a modern twist. Lavender and Mimosa help break through the deep base notes of this fragrance and provide a floral edge that helps to give Jet Black depth and complexity.

The scents that break through the rest in this fragrance are floral, citrus, and spicy.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lavender

Heart Notes: Mimosa, Cinnamon, Leather

Base Notes: Tabacco, Guaiac Wood, Opoponax, Oakmoss

9. Exalt Nuit – Navitus

exalt nuit parfum by navitus

Exalt Nuit translates to mean Exalted Night. In short – high status, mysterious and sexy. As one of the newest fragrances on our list, Exalt Nuit by Navitus Parfums isn’t one many men will have heard of before. This unisex fragrance boasts a complex mixture of many different notes that help contribute to a unique and interesting scent profile.

With the inclusion of notes such as Nutmeg and Madagascan Pepper, this isn’t a scent that will blend into the backdrop of the numerous sexy men’s colognes on the market. This one stands out as a fragrance that meets the needs of a classic men’s cologne while offering something a little bit extra in the way of spices and floral tones.

Top notes: Cacao, Bergamot, Olibanum, Nutmeg

Heart Notes: Jasmine, Anise, Benzoin, Madagascan Pepper, Labdanum

Base Notes: Tabacco, Cedar, Haitian Vetiver

10. Herod – Perfums De Marly

herod by parfums de marly

Parfums De Marly describe this fragrance as:

“The epitome of old-world sophistication.”

Which I would say is a pretty accurate description of what Herod brings to the table. This scent opens with spicy notes of cinnamon and pepper to then evolve slowly through warmer notes until the final woody base notes can be appreciated.

This is a very complex scent, gents. It gives off an air of sophistication while also presenting as both exotic and sensual. It’s technically a unisex fragrance, but don’t let that fool you – Herod definitely deserves its place on my list of sexy men’s colognes.

Top notes: Cinnamon, Pepper

Heart Notes: Tobacco Leaf, Incense, Osmanthus, Labdanum

Base Notes: Vanilla, Iso E Super, Musk, Cedar, Cypriol Oil, Vetiver

11. Instant Crush – Mancera

instant crush eau de parfum by mancera

As the name of this fragrance might suggest, Mancera’s Instant Crush is the go-to fragrance for those who want to make an impact on the opposite sex.

Instant Crush has the potential to significantly increase your chances of a romantic encounter with the lady you’ve got your eye on. This scent is classed as ‘amber floral,’ which means it provides a nice mixture of deep base notes and fresh top notes. More often than not – opposites attract one another. The same can be said for the contrasting notes in this fragrance.

Top notes: Saffron, Ginger, Mandarin, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Amberwood, Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli

Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk, Oakmoss

12. Stronger With You – Emporio Armani

stronger with you eau de toilette by armani

Emporio Armani’s Stronger With You has to be the most unique fragrance on this list. Unlike most other options on the market, this cologne was designed as part of a pair. A male cologne and a female perfume – formulated to be worn by romantic partners.

The female version of this fragrance is called ‘Because Of You’ and shares some of the properties of this sexy men’s cologne. Like any good romantic partner, it isn’t exactly the same as the male version; it does its own thing in its own way but perfectly complements its masculine counterpart when applied as a pair. As stated by the Emporio Armani brand, Stronger With You is:

“an olfactive embodiment of authentic modern-day love.”

Top notes: Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Violet Leaf, Mint

Heart Notes: Pineapple, Melon, Cinnamon, Sage, Lavender

Base Notes: Vanilla, Chestnut, Amberwood, Cedar, Guaiac Wood

13. 1 Million Parfum – Paco Rabanne

1 million paco rabanne cologne
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1 Million has made many of my lists in past articles about great men’s fragrances. I still rate Rabanne highly because this fragrance is the one you need if you want to exude pure wealth.

True to its name, 1 Million makes you smell like a million bucks. Its focus on luxurious mandarin, tobacco, and tonka bean make it a force to be reckoned with.

Top Notes: Mandarin, Cinnamon

Heart Notes: Tobacco, Myrrh

Base Notes: Patchouli, Tonka Bean

14. Le Male Le Parfum – Jean Paul Gaultier

le male le parfum by jean paul gaultier
The fragrance set out to capture the essence of manhood… and it did not disappoint.

Jean-Paul Gaultier made a big impact in the fashion world over the course of his extensive career. Le Male Le Parfum is one of this fashion house’s more recent additions having been formulated and released in 2020. Taking on a similar profile to its Le Male counterparts – Le Male Le Parfum is the defining cologne for men who want to smell like men.

From my experience – most women love this fragrance. It isn’t very polarizing, and I would consider it a safe bet for any man that wants to smell great without the risk involved in wearing complex scents. Le Male Le Parfum is another timeless addition to the already prevalent Le Male fragrance family.

Top Notes: Cardamom

Heart Notes: Lavender, Iris

Base Notes: Vanilla, Wood, Oriental

15. Coach for Men – Coach

coach for men eau de toilette

As the first fragrance on my list to include Pear and Seude within its scent profile, this fragrance could be classed as aromatic with elements of fruit and wood. It has a lot of the same notes as my other top sexy men’s colognes – however, the unique use of the Pear and Seude is what sets this fragrance apart from the rest.

Coach for Men is an ideal fragrance to wear during the daytime in those hot summer months.

Top Notes: Pear, Kumquat, Bergamot, Lavender, Grapefruit

Heart Notes: Cardamom, Geranium, Coriander

Base Notes: Ambergris, Suede, Amberwood, Haitian Vetiver

16. Bad Boy – Carolina Herrera

bad boy parfum by carolina herrera

Okay, so before I get into the finer details of this scent, let me say this – I freaking love the design of this perfume bottle. I mean, what’s cooler than a powerful lightning bolt striking the ground at 200,000mph?

Right – back to the technical stuff. Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy fragrance is one to look out for – there are lots of peppery and woody notes in this fragrance, so it’s pretty much as masculine as you can get. However, there’s also a hint of Bergamot laced in there to give off a slight citrus tone on top of the deep, woody foundation.

As I said earlier – contrasts in fragrance can work really well. It gives a fragrance depth and makes it stand out from the crowd. If you’re the sort of guy who wants to get noticed – this might be the sexy men’s cologne for you.

Top Notes: White Pepper, Black Pepper, Bergamot

Heart Notes: Sage, Cedar

Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Cacao, Amberwood

17. Spicebomb Infrared – Viktor & Rolf

spicebomb infrared intensive men's scent

As the most recent addition to the Spicebomb fragrance collection, Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb Infrared (2021) adds sweet and spicy notes to the original Spicebomb formula. With the inclusion of Cinnamon and red fruits in its upper notes, Infrared delivers a more diverse and wearable scent that arguably improves the previous scent profiles within the Spicebomb family.

If you’re the sort of man that wants to maintain elements of masculinity while experimenting with sweeter notes to add variety to your personal scent, then Spicebomb Infrared could be the one to go for.

Top Notes: Red Fruits, Pink Pepper, Saffron

Heart Notes: Cinnamon, Red Pepper

Base Notes: Tobacco, Benzoin

18. Dior Homme Intense 2011 – Dior

dior homme intense

It’s in the name with this one, gents – Intense. I’ve heard this perfume described by many men as a ‘performance beast’ in that it lasts a long time, and you don’t need to use that much of it in one application. That’s a good thing – it means this cologne will last you a heck of a lot longer than some of the other fragrances on this list.

When it comes to the scent profile of this fragrance, we’re looking at a cold-weather scent ideal for those fall/winter evenings. Got a big date coming up? Dior Homme Intense 2011 could be your best option if you want to take things a bit further than a friendly meal for two. With the inclusion of musk, cedar, and vetiver, this fragrance oozes masculinity.

Top Notes: Lavender

Heart Notes: Iris, Ambrette (Musk Mallow), Pear

Base Notes: Cedar, Vetiver

19. Eros Flame – Versace

eros flame versace is a sexy men's cologne

Versace’s variation of the classic Eros cologne stands on the shoulders of giants. Eros Flame is just as attractive as the original scent – however it goes in a completely different direction with far more contrasting fragrance notes.

The different mixtures of sweet and spicy, warm and fresh notes make for a truly complex scent profile that is sure to interest anyone close enough to catch a hint of it on your skin.

Versace markets this fragrance quite specifically – believing it is designed for a:

“strong, passionate, self-confident man who is deeply in touch with his emotions.”

Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Black Pepper, Chinotto, Lemon, Rosemary

Heart Notes: Pepper, Geranium, Rose

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Texas Cedar, Patchouli, Oakmoss

20. Stronger With You Intensely – Georgio Armani

stronger with you intensely by armani

The final fragrance on my list of 20 sexy men’s colognes is yet another variation of an already excellent fragrance – Stronger With You Intensely by Georgio Armani. Similar to its original formula, Stronger With You Intensely compliments the female version of this fragrance.

What sets this apart from the original cologne is its longevity and strength upon application. It is a well-rounded fragrance that stays strong on the skin and projects throughout the scent’s life cycle.

I have heard some men refer to this as a more feminine version of the original – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Chances are, if you enjoy sexy men’s colognes such as Spicebomb or Ultra Male, you’re also going to enjoy this fragrance.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Juniper, Violet

Heart Notes: Toffee, Cinnamon, Lavender, Sage

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Amber, Suede

The Top 20 Sexy Men’s Colognes (How To Smell Incredible In 2022)

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of sexy men’s colognes out there. Every man is different – which means that every man will suit a different style of fragrance. When all is said and done, it falls to you to do the research and trial some great fragrances to decide which is right for you.

However, I hope I have provided you with a good starting point with this list. Finding your signature scent isn’t easy – but once you’ve put in the hard work, you’ll start to see the benefits of wearing a sexy men’s cologne that works for you and your tastes in fragrance.

Good luck out there, gents!

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