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The San Diego Padres have made history with their gland slam streak.

On Thursday night, Eric Hosmer hit a grand slam in the fifth inning against the Texas Rangers, making the Padres the first team in MLB’s 125-year history to hit a slam in four straight games.

Four games. Four grand slams.

What a weird, random, beautiful sport this is.

— Slam Diego Padres (@Padres) August 21, 2020

The Padres’ grand slam streak started with Fernando Tatis Jr.’s controversial homer on Monday when he blasted a 3-0 pitch while his team leads by seven runs.

@tatis_jr grand slam

— MLB (@MLB) August 18, 2020

Tatis’ grand slam angered the Rangers when he violated the “unwritten rules” of baseball and he eventually apologized for hitting the homer.

Fernando Tatis was asked how difficult it is to not swing at a good pitch on 3-0:

— 97.3 The Fan (@973TheFanSD) August 18, 2020

The Padres have since gone on to hit a grand slam against the Rangers in every game since the Tatis Jr. altercation.

Entering Slam Diego, population: 4

No team has ever hit a grand slam in 4 straight games until NOW.

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— MLB (@MLB) August 21, 2020