Car & Classic is slowly building its reputation as the reliable online auction platform for rare and unusual classic vehicles. Case in point is this Peel P50 which sold for £111,000, which is believed to be the second-highest price that the model has gone for in a British auction.

This Peel P50 also has some exciting history as it was used in a promotional stunt that saw the P50 on top of the Blackpool Tower. Most likely the earliest model ever produced, the pre-production example has a lower fitment of the windshield, cream steering wheel, early Lucas sidelights, and it does not have a rear roll bar. It is the only Peel with those distinct features.

The example can run up to 38mph and has a range of 100 miles per gallon. Weighing only 59 kgs, the Peel has no onboard instruments, nor does it have an odometer. Don’t bother looking for a reverse gear as it relies on being lifted and turned into the direction that the driver so desires. As a city car, it is perfectly compact, and its cheeky looks makes it really stand out.

Its rarity, glamorous history, down to its distinct features, it is not surprising that the Peel commanded a brisk bidding war before the winning bid of £111,000 was announced.

If one’s personal preference in a unique classic car includes small and economical, the Peel P50 might just be the perfect car, especially in the current climate. However, the latest winning bid may have just placed the Peel way out of most people’s budget. The good news is there is an alternative to the Dragon Red P50. During the same event, Car & Classic was able to sell a bright yellow 1973 Reliant Supervan. It had almost double the top speed of the P50, and it was sold for a more reasonable price of only £6,100.

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By: Reggie
Title: The Peel P50: Pricey Little Red Car From Car & Classic
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Published Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2022 17:59:49 +0000

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