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Nowadays, watches are just as diverse as the companies producing them as well as the individuals purchasing and wearing them. Although they take their shape, most still hold a somewhat traditional style throughout the case and dial. Urwerk has ventured far away from any design with the release of the UR-100 Spacetime. The 41mm case looks like something crafted from out of this world, which is almost accurate, considering its iconic satellite display is unlike anything on the market. A sapphire crystal encloses the unique dial that passes between subsidiary dials to display astronomical indications: distance traveled on earth and distance traveled by the earth. The automatic movement allows the Urwerk UR-100 Spacetime to operate under a 48-hour power reserve. There are five different color and material variations, making it easy for everyone to choose a favorite. The strap materials are available in nylon, leather, and Alcantara depending on the color code. Shop the Urwerk UR-100 Spacetime collection by clicking the link below.

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By: Jordan Aquistapace
Title: The New Urwerk UR-100 Spacetime Watch Is Out Of This World
Sourced From: blog.dupontregistry.com/watches/the-new-urwerk-ur-100-spacetime-watch-is-out-of-this-world/
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