If you follow professional sports car and endurance racing, you know the name Brumos, and its now iconic red, white, blue, and black race car livery. 

Many of you will make the connection between Brumos and considerable success in Porsches and Porsche-powered race cars.  You’d be correct, but also somewhat presumptive to estimate that the new from the ground up Brumos Collection is populated by only Porsches.  Yes, there are many Stuttgart greats there, but Brumos’ history extends well beyond its Porsche racing exploits. 

Is there an actual Mr. Brumos?  Yes, and no.  Brumos roots go back to 1953 and a man named Hubert Brundage. He started Brundage Motors in Florida as an import business to help fund his amateur racing habit (communicating at the time via Telex machine, Brundage would abbreviate Brundage Motors as Brumos and the name stuck).  

He initially imported Volkswagens and then Porsches and became a Porsche dealer. Along the early days of the Brumos trail, Mr. Brundage entered and ran cars for legendary sports car racer Bob Holbert and motorsport and business legend Roger Penske.

The company evolved to include a few dealerships and a Brumos racing team. After Brundage died in 1964, racecar driver Peter Gregg purchased the company from the Brundage family and started making a name for Brumos in the racing world. Its fame grew further when Gregg teamed up with soon-to-be racing legend Hurley Haywood.

Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood

The duo went on to win major races in the 1970s, including 24 Hours of Daytona four times, behind the wheel of Porsches with Brumos liveries.

The racing team continued to log victories for the next few decades under various owners, including car collector Dan Davis, until the 2010s when the racing program was shuttered and the dealerships sold. But the Brumos legend and its racing collection live on.

inside the Brumos Collection

For some time, Davis’ decidedly private Brumos collection was housed in a nondescript warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida, near the Brumos seven car dealerships for Porsche, of course, Lexus, and Mercedes-Benz, and others. 

For many years, this collection was private and viewed by invitation only. But when we sold the dealerships, we had to relocate, which created its own dilemma of, ‘Where do we put all these cars?’ So, in the process of conceiving and constructing a new collection property, the decision was made that we wanted to open it up to the public and make it accessible. And, for us, it’s important that we recognize the people that created these cars and the achievements that they made.

Collection Manager / Curator Brandon Starks

To call the new (initially opening in early 2020, unfortunately just in time to be shut down due to Covid) Brumos Collection property simply “a building” would be a gross understatement.  It is in fact a campus, designed and built from scratch on a green field site. 

Brumos collection building

birdseye view of the Brumos Collection

The part that is the building is a sprawling 35,000 square foot two-story structure that was loosely styled after a Jacksonville, Florida assembly plant. 

The spaces are large and offer lots of natural light and airy exhibit areas.  The upper floor is built mezzanine style, with grand views of the lower floor areas.  This structure also contains a large, and hospital-level immaculate workshop and vehicle storage wing. 

Porsches everywhere

The rest of the campus property includes sprawling lawns, its own lake (plus a Union 76 pump station), and a road that circumnavigates the multi-acre property, which was undeveloped forest but a few years back.  

This little more than single lane wide road isn’t a race track, although it would certainly be fun in a

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By: Matt Stone
Title: The Brumos Collection – One of the World’s Greatest Car Museums
Sourced From: sportscardigest.com/the-brumos-collection/
Published Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 09:11:06 +0000

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