Being able to master the three-pedal shuffle was once a rite of passage. Before clutches went hydraulic, the feeling of the throwout bearing and the pressure plate made driving incredibly enjoyable. Porsche engineers tried to kill it, but their fans objections were heard around the world. We now live in a world where the Corvette and the Shelby GT500 are only offered as dual-clutch gearboxes, so allow us to show you the most popular manual transmission cars on the market.

1985 Porsche RUF Carrera 3.4

CALL FOR PRICE 732 miles

Alois Ruf and his father built turbo engines so powerful that they would destroy Porsche’s gearbox. Therefore, Ruf has manufactured their own manual transmissions for three decades. With gear ration perfectly matched to keep the boost flowing, this car is a work of art by any measure.

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2019 Corvette ZR1 3ZR

CALL FOR PRICE 6,411 miles

The last Corvette to have a front-mounted engine also offered a 7-speed manual with double overdrives. This allowed the differential ratio to be more conservative, and fuel mileage to be impressive, even at 755 horsepower.

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1991 BMW M3

$117,900 30730 miles

The E30 chassis took years to develop, and it raised the bar for the industry. Light and nimble, the aftermarket struggled to improve upon perfection.

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2020 Aston Martin Vantage AMR

$191,631 107 miles

Aston Martin have made it clear that they will always offer a manual transmission. They justify this because of weight savings, customer retention, and adherence to old-world principles.

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