The route of the 2021 Mille Miglia followed the traditional track of “the most beautiful race in the world,” going counter-clockwise from Brescia to Roma and back. With overnights in Viareggio and Bologna, and scheduled stops for food and timing checks along the way, the 2021 Mille Miglia rolled along some of the same Italian roads as the original 1927 race.

The Mille Miglia is as much a rolling museum as it is a car race. 375 entered autos, manufactured between 1927 and 1957, covered 1,618 kilometers (1,005 Roman miles) over four days. The sporting and technical checks at Piazza Vittoria in Brescia, the day before the official start on the road, were the first opportunity to see these amazing classic cars in all their glory.

Photographer in red hat taking photo of red classic car on red carpet at 2021 Mille Miglia
Red was the dominant color in Piazza Vittoria, the day before the official start of the Mille Miglia.

Red 1953 Ferrari 250 MM Spider Vignale beneath clock tower during 2021 Mille Miglia
A priceless, nearly perfect 1953 Ferrari 250 MM Spider Vignale beneath the clock tower in Piazza Vittoria.

Italian police officers standing near cars at 2021 Mille Miglia
Italian police are there for security, but they’re also part of the scenery at Piazza Vittoria.

The gods of motor racing provided perfect weather for the departure from Brescia. After more than a year of suffering through the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, northern Italy welcomed the return of the Mille Miglia to the traditional schedule in the month of May.

Airplanes flying colors of the Italian flag before start of 2021 Mille Miglia
Italy’s iconic aeronautic demonstration team, the Frecce Tricolore, fly the colors of the Italian flag above Brescia’s Piazza della Loggia before the start of the 2021 Mille Miglia.

Red 1947 Cisitalia 202 SMM Spyder Nuvolari during 2021 Mille Miglia

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By: Bob Cullinan
Title: The 2021 Mille Miglia
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