Let’s face the hard facts, the battery is the primary limiting factor for Electric Vehicles (EVs), second to the charging infrastructure, and if we’re going to fit EVs into the current American lifestyle battery technology is just going to have to get better, quickly. Fortunately, there’s such a thing as solid-state batteries, which are essentially better in every way when compared to the current traditional lithium-ion batteries that we find in EVs sold today.

What is a Solid-State Battery?

Solid-state batteries are fundamentally rechargeable batteries that are similar in their overall structure to today’s lithium-ion battery. However, solid-state batteries differ in many ways where it features a solid electrolyte instead of a liquid one found in lithium-ion packs. Apart from the fundamentals of its electrolyte, in a nutshell, solid-state batteries have less mass, offer more energy density, recharge faster, have a longer cycle life, and are safer than what we have in today’s lithium-ion batteries.

solid-state battery vs lithium-ion
J.D. Power Solid-State Battery vs. Lithium-Ion Battery

Currently, the drawback to solid-state batteries is that they have a complex method of manufacturing – most of their components and build of the components are being extensively tested and have not reached a point of mass production allowing them to be fitted in new EVs on a mass scale. Conversely, solid-state batteries are currently used in small devices on a mass scale, such as in wearables. Building them on a larger scale for EVs poses some of the issues and requires much more extensive testing to better the delicate manufacturing process.

However, we’re almost there as BMW and Ford are primary investors in the technology, and companies like Solid Power are expected to be among the first to supply solid-state batteries on a mass scale for new EVs, which could very well be Fords and BMWs at first starting in 2026. Toyota and Volkswagen are also big investors in the solid-state battery tech and may be additional frontrunners to roll out the tech on new vehicles. Once production ramps up after all the proper R&D has concluded initially the prices for solid-state batteries may be at a lower cost than what we have now in lithium-ion packs taking into consideration their

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By: Malcolm Hogan
Title: Solid-State Batteries Are a Brighter Future for Electric Vehicles
Sourced From: www.automotiveaddicts.com/78452/solid-state-batteries-are-a-brighter-future-for-electric-vehicles
Published Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022 12:07:33 +0000

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