Look at your hands. Right now. It’s not a trick; just look. How are your fingertips? Are they dirty? Are your nails in good shape? When was the last time you even noticed them? You might find it normal to go long periods without paying any attention to your fingertips or fingernails, but don’t think your obliviousness applies to the rest of the world. Those things are noticed, and they get judged rather harshly.

Even if you’re the type who doesn’t care what people think about your fingernails, you want to take better care of them. Nails in poor shape create problems for guys. They can get scratchy. They can snag on things. They can fold or tear. You want your fingernails to work for you, not against you. 

Whether for aesthetics or function, you need a nail kit that empowers you to optimize your nail care. That’s why we’re introducing you to The Shears 2.0. The kit has some nice performance upgrades, and you can learn all about them.

the shears 2.0

Enhanced Steel

The new tempered steel used to make the entire toolkit in The Shears 2.0 takes something that was already good and makes it noticeably better. With enhanced tempered steel, the clippers and scissors hold a sharper edge for much longer. The steel is even tougher and more resistant to damage. The fine control points on the tweezers and blade edges will hold up to wear and tear. The steel is still stainless, so you don’t have to worry about rust or water damage.

In all, this is a total upgrade to the quality and performance of the toolkit. Your nails and fingertips will appreciate the improvement, and your manscaping will benefit.

Redesigned Tweezers

We can get a little nerdy about manscaping sometimes. Here we are, excited about redesigning the tweezers in our finger grooming kit. That’s some hard-core geeking out, and we are not remotely ashamed. Allow us to share the fervor with you for a moment.

The change to the tweezers is rather subtle, but it makes all the difference in the world. We traded flat tips for slanted ones. Combine that with the overall craftsmanship boost to these tweezers, and you’re looking at a tool that can do precise work indefinitely.

Even though the tweezers are part of a nail kit, they have so much more to offer. The slanted tips allow you to grab very small things and hold them tight. This could be for removing a splinter. It could also be for a little precision manscaping around the body. It’s up to you.

Improved Nail File

Once again, a subtle change makes a big difference. We adjusted the grit on the nail file. Defined as a medium grit, we find that it really lies in the sweet spot of what most men need. The grit is perfect for smooth yet functional nail edges. If it was finer, it would make filling difficult and take too long. If it was coarser, it would leave jags across the nail when you’re done.

Using this improved file, you should end up with a good, controlled shape to your nails that is smooth. That will leave you with fingernails that are as good for an intimate touch as they are for building things with your hands. We’re going for all-around performance here.

man holding the shears 2.0

Better Carrying Case

The carrying case may not do the vital manscaping work, but it’s still an important part of the team. We gave it a functionality and style upgrade, and we think you’ll appreciate both. The premium PU leather is laser engraved with our logo, giving it the timeless, classy look that we know you’ll appreciate.

We also added a magnetic latch. This makes it a little more reliable as a kit that can secure your valuable nail tools. It’s also fun. We’ve all played with magnetic latches before. Why should your nail kit be anything less than fun?

But, in all seriousness, we think the upgrades add to the aesthetics and reliability of the carrying case.

With your new nail kit, you can master fingertip health like never before. Cutting the melodrama for a minute, the kit will help you take care of a part of yourself that most men neglect. You might just find that you like having smooth, clean, strong fingernails.

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By: Christina Ablahad
Title: Shears 2.0 Nail Kit Review Performance Upgrades
Sourced From: www.manscaped.com/blogs/grooming/shears-2-0-nail-kit-review-performance-upgrades
Published Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2020 18:00:02 +0000