When thinking about a romantic getaway, I am sure places like Paris, Rome, and even Buenos Aires come to mind. So it was quite a shock when we discovered a friend added Visit Casper, Wyoming to our Couple’s Bucket List at our wedding. Now don’t get me wrong, Wyoming is a beautiful place with tons to do. But it doesn’t really spring out as having one of the top 10 most romantic cities in the world.  However, after spending a few days there, it is evident that the second-largest city in Wyoming is packed with romantic things to do for any type of couple.

So let’s dive into all best activities for couples to do in Casper, Wyoming.

Where to Go in Casper for Couples who Love History

Now if you are anything like us, then exploring the history of a travel destination is always a fun thing to do. We are the type of couple that loves to read all the signs and interact with all kinds of exhibits as we learn about a location. Plus, it is a great way to play and be goofy with each other which can often kindle romance. Thus, a trip to the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center needs to be added to your itinerary.

There are tons of cool exhibits about pioneers who came together along the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails. But what we loved was all the fun, interactive activities for “kids” of all ages. For example, we got to ride in a virtual covered wagon, send a letter by Pony Express, and even throw a real atlatl! 

Fun Fact: The National Historic Trail Center Foundation is FREE to enter. Of course, they are a non-profit so if you were to make a donation here it is tax- deductible! But it also makes you look extra sexy to your partner when you donate money to a good cause. Just sayin!

Where to Go in Casper for Couples who Love Art

Perhaps one of the most fun memories we have ever had was exploring Cartagena street art. So, we were especially excited when we discovered a remarkable art scene in Casper, Wyoming. Throughout the downtown area, you will see many amazing murals created by Casper Mural Project that will leave you speechless!

Now for those couples who prefer walking hand in hand amid something a bit more modern, you will want to visit the Nicolaysen Art Museum. Located in downtown Casper, this is Wyoming’s only contemporary Art Museum. Now of course you can find works by Picasso, Dali, and Matisse. But what we really loved was all the works from regional artists like Bria Hammock and her “Notable to Notorious Women of the Wild West” exhibit or Mimi Fenton and her “Holding in Common” exhibit.

Fun Fact: The building that houses the Nicolaysen Art Museum was once a lumber warehouse and is absolutely gorgeous inside. Also, one of the coolest things to do in Casper is to check out the antique pendulum clock hiding in the lobby!

Places to Eat in Casper for Couples who Love Breakfast

For those couples who love breakfast foods, Casper may be your heaven. Whether you love the fun coffees & exotic shakes at the Metro Coffee Company or you prefer the classic breakfast fare at the famous Eggington’s in downtown Casper, there is no shortage of options. But perhaps one of the best breakfasts to be had in all of Casper and perhaps even Wyoming is at Sherrie’s Place!

Sherrie’s Place may look small but it makes up for it with gigantic portions & an unbelievable staff. If people-watching is one of your favorite activities this is the place to do it! We loved watching Sherrie walk around talking to all the locals who entered as if every one of them were her extended family. Plus, if you’re okay with sharing food with your loved one, we highly recommend you get their gigantic Cinnamon Roll for dessert. To be honest, we are not sure how we fit it in our bellies after the big breakfast. But it was so good we couldn’t stop eating it!

Casper doesn’t really spring out as one of the most romantic cities in the world. But discover how the 2nd largest city in Wyoming has tons of romantic things to do for any couple. #VisitCasper #ThatsWY #couplesgetaway #romanticgetaway
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Romantic Activity in Casper for Outdoor Loving Couples
Having a Picnic lunch beneath The Garden Creek Falls is perhaps the most romantic thing to do in Casper, Wyominghttps://www.mansbrand.com/bear-essentials-how-to-store-food-when-backcountry-camping/