Rolls-Royce’s latest bespoke creation was commissioned by Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Maezawa, an entrepreneur, art collector and lover of supercars. The Phantom Oribe was envisioned as part of a pair; a “land jet” meant to complement his newly commissioned private jet. It seems that good things come in pairs for Maezawa. He ordered a new car and a private jet, and comissioned two iconic brands to bring his latest project to life. This special automobile represents the “deep, genuine” partnership between craftsmen at Rolls-Royce and Hermès, resulting in yet another stunning iteration of the marque’s flagship automotive.

Amongst his extensive plethora of artworks, is a special collection of Japanese pottery known as Oribe ware. It served as the car’s namesake and inspired the unique, green and cream colour scheme, specially developed for Maezawa by Rolls-Royce’s Surface Finish Centre in Goodwood, West Sussex. The British marque also made the “MZ Oribe Green” paint available for Maezawa’s use on his private jet. To complement the custom green, the lower bumpers and side skirts were painted in cream, completing the Oribe-esque aesthetic.

While the Phantom Oribe’s exterior is undoubtedly stunning, the real magic of any Rolls-Royce lies behind its doors. Hermès took point on most of the interior design, covering much of the surfaces in Enea Green leather uphoslstery, including the steering wheel, back seats, duchess door handles and climate control buttons. The verdant colour scheme even extends to areas that aren’t particularly noticeable at first glance such as inside of the glove box and all-important

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By: Abram Yum
Title: Rolls-Royce Collaborates with Hermès to Create Bespoke Phantom Oribe
Sourced From: www.luxuo.com/homepage-slider/rolls-royce-hermes-bespoke-phantom-oribe-yusaku-maezawa.html
Published Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2021 06:00:00 +0000

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