The Robert Downey Jr. we know today has come a long way from the Oscar-nominated actor who once spent years in and out of rehab programs and was sentenced to three years in prison. While several actors and actresses have turned their lives around after battling addiction, few have done so as drastically — and successfully — as Downey. 

We know him now as Tony Stark, the brilliant billionaire behind the Iron Man suit in the multi-billion dollar Marvel Cinematic Universe. With such a successful second half to his career, it’s easy to think of Downey’s past as a stepping stone to his current success. After all, he was pardoned by Gov. Jerry Brown of California in 2015 for any and all crimes.


By: Cody Raschella
Title: Robert Downey Jr.’s long journey from being in prison to becoming Iron Man
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Published Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2022 13:42:06 +0000

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