>At the famed 20.8-kilometer Nürburgring Nordschleife, Porsche has set a new lap record for road-approved production cars in a 911 GT2 RS equipped with the Manthey Performance Kit.

In the presence of a notary, Porsche development driver Lars Kern drove the 515 kW (700 PS) 911 GT2 RS and achieved the best time of 6:43.300 minutes. Porsche engineers in Weissach and Manthey’s Nordschleife specialists in Meuspath worked closely together to produce the new Performance Kit.

The goal at the Nürburgring was to beat the current road-car record of 6:48.047 minutes. With an average speed of 185.87kph and with road-legal Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires, Kern was 4.747 seconds faster in the 911 GT2 RS.  

Watch the Porche 911 GT2 RS equipped with the Manthey Performance Kit achieve the lap record

Vice President Model Lines 911/718 Frank-Steffen Walliser stated:

 “Our GT customers often use their cars on the circuit, such as on track days. The engineers at Manthey and Porsche have together developed a perfectly tuned package that allows the 911 GT2 RS to deliver even higher performance.” 

Even with the high-summer conditions giving track temperatures of 41 degrees, Lars Kern was still able to beat the record. Kern shared: 

“The 911 GT2 RS sticks to the track like glue with the Manthey Performance Kit – you feel as if you’re in a racing car, especially on faster corners. It is truly breathtaking how the car puts its 700 PS down, and how incredibly well it brakes while always remaining easy to control.” 

racing around the Nurburgring

Perfectly Matched Components 

The Porsche Tequipment Manthey Performance Kit comprises the chassis, aerodynamic and brake components that were specially created for the 911 GT2 RS. The package also comes with the Weissach Package’s light magnesium alloy wheels.  

The most noticeable changes are the aerodynamic components. Added flaps on the front spoiler enhance the downforce on the front axle in combination with a carbon underbody and extra air guide elements in the area of the front wheels. It increases downforce to 70 kilograms from 49 kilograms at 200kph. At the same speed, downforce is more than doubled to 200 kilograms from 93 kilograms on the rear axle. The feat was made possible due to the new rear spoiler, aerodiscs on the rear wheels, and a modified diffuser.  

Porsche 911 GT2 RS equipped with the Manthey Performance Kit

Numerous years of motorsport experience enabled Porsche and Manthey to develop the track-optimized coilover suspension. There are three different settings on the front shock absorbers, while the rear has four different settings.

The PCCB ceramic brake system possesses special racing brake pads reduce fade, while also enhancing control precision and responsiveness. More direct pedal feedback is ensured by the steel-encased brake lines. The 20-inch front and 21-inch rear magnesium wheels reduced the weight by 11.4 kilograms and are available in Black, Aurum, Brilliant Silver, White Gold Metallic, and Platinum.  


An added water tank for spray-cooling the intercoolers increases the overall volume by around nine liters, thus increasing the time between refills. Vice President GT Cars Andreas Preuninger explained:

“With these newly developed parts, we have made an extremely good car even better. The 911 GT2 RS with Manthey Performance Kit is perfectly tailored to the needs of those customers who like to take their cars on track, especially the Nürburgring Nordschleife. This 6:43.300 time for the whole lap is equivalent to 6:38.835 for the old shorter variant, so makes a real statement.” 

Porsche 911 GT2 RS equipped with the Manthey Performance Kit breaks record

[Source: Porsche AG}

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