Listening to what your customers want and predicting industry trends are paramount to staying ahead of your competitors. While other brands have reported dismal deliveries, Porsche has just posted impressive Q3 performance. The culmination of all 192 independent dealers resulted in 15,548 Porsches sold.

ModelJuly-September20202019DifferenceALL 9111,5671,701-7.9%ALL 7181,0841,0483.4%ALL TAYCAN1,858n/an/aALL PANAMERA1,0641,276-16.6%ALL CAYENNE4,5094,3004.9%ALL MACAN5,4666,480-15.6%TOTAL15,54814,8055.0%

They took a hit in the 2nd quarter with a 20% drop, but that was better than most other brands. However, now that people are getting out and about the Macan led the pack with 5,466 sold. SUVs are still the hottest market segment, so the Cayenne was a close 2nd at 4,509. Panamera and the 718 Series Cayman/Boxster are nearly even: 1,064 vs 1,084, but the real shocker is electric. The Taycan tallied up at 1,858 cars, beating the 911 by 291 cars.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: Porsche Posts Impressive Q3 Performance
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Published Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2020 13:56:29 +0000

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