When Chris Kronner took his first head chef position at an upscale restaurant, he inherited a menu which featured a popular burger. At first he resented having to hold onto it. But then he began to wonder, and be captured by, how he might experiment with and elevate this sandwich standby. Thus began a decade-long obsession with creating the perfect, mouth-wateringly tasty burger. 

In his new book, A Burger to Believe In: Recipes and Fundamentals, Chris shares how he turned what he learned in his quixotic quest into the Bay Area’s famous Kronnerburger, as well as accessible tips that can be used by the average backyard chef to level up their burger game. Chris shares some of those tips today on the show, beginning with the best kind of beef chuck to use in your burgers and why the method you use to cook your burgers should vary depending on their fat content. We then get into why Chris likes to use dry aged beef in his burgers, and how you can make your own in the kind of mini fridge you’d keep in a dorm room. From there we delve into the optimal size and shape of the patty, Chris’ surprising pick for buns, the ideal proportionality of toppings, and Chris’ take on the desirability of putting ketchup on your burger. We also get into our mutually conflicted feelings about pairing one’s burger with French fries, and, if you need to get your burger fix on the run, what fast food chain Chris thinks has the best burgers. 

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Show Highlights

Why are Americans so attached to the hamburger?Chris’s go-to meat from the meat counter How should you grill your burger?Why does Chris use dry-aged beef in his burgers?Where do people go wrong with patty shape and size?The only seasoning you need when grilling Chris’s cheese of choice + other toppings The condiment that shouldn’t go on a burger What about side dishes? What’s the best fast food burger? 

Resources/Articles/People Mentioned in Podcast

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