After more than a year of being cooped up due to pandemic restrictions, lots of people are itching to hit the open road and get the heck out of dodge. If that’s you, my guests have some great tips for planning and executing an awesome road trip. Their names are Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi and they’re the proprietors of the RV Atlas blog and podcast, the authors of several books on camping and road tripping, and veteran road trippers themselves, having, together with their three boys, spent over a thousand nights at hundreds of campgrounds from coast to coast. 

We start off our conversation with how the Puglisis began road tripping with a pop-up camper, and the benefits of driving places rather than flying. We then get into how to dip your toes into RVing without a big commitment, and whether there’s an ideal age to start taking RV trips with your kids. From there we get into best practices for planning and executing a road trip, whether you’re going by RV or car, including the biggest mistakes people make, the art of road trip snacks, and when it’s better to fly versus drive. We also talk about how to keep kids entertained on the road, including how to handle the issue of screen time. We end our conversation with the benefits of staying at campsites rather than hotels, why you might want to look into private KOA campgrounds, and why planning a great road trip always starts with picking a great destination.

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Show Highlights

How the Puglisis got into road-tripping with their family Their progression of campers and RVsThe benefits of road-tripping vs. flying Advice for people who want to test the RV waters Is there a perfect age for starting kids on the road trip habit?The “startup” costs for renting/buying an RVWhat are the biggest mistakes people make when planning/executing road trips Is there an ideal length of road trip?What about kids and screens on the road?How to find and choose a campground The community you can find at campgrounds 

Resources/Articles/People Mentioned in Podcast

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