When it comes to getting in shape, there are always a bunch of excuses to use as to why you can’t get yourself in gear: you don’t know what program to start, you don’t have time, you don’t have any equipment, etc., etc.

My guest today cuts through those excuses and the unnecessary complications people often bring to health and fitness to show us how you can lose weight and get strong in ways that are wonderfully simple, but powerfully effective. His name is Dan John, he’s a strength and throwing sports coach, a writer of many books and articles on health and fitness, and a college lecturer. We begin our conversation with Dan’s two foundational approaches to simplifying your life called “shark habits” and “pirate maps,” which will help you organize and streamline all your decisions, in turn helping you focus on and stay consistent with your diet and workouts. We talk about the way being part of an intentional community can keep you on track with your fitness goals as well. From there we get into Dan’s quadrants for eating and exercise — Reasonable Workouts/Tough Diet; Reasonable Workouts/Reasonable Diet; Tough Workouts/Reasonable Diet; Tough Workouts/Tough Diet — and when you should be in one quadrant or another. We then talk about a very simple way to get started lifting called the “One-Two-Three” method, Dan’s highly effective 10,000 Swing Kettlebell challenge, and how you can still work out even if all you have is a single dumbbell. We also talk about one of the most effective bodyweight exercises, the pull-up, and the overlooked key to working your way into them if you can’t do even a single rep right now. We then talk about why Dan thinks you should exercise outside more often and the difference between health and fitness. We end our conversation with Dan’s prescription for losing weight.

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Show Highlights

Dan’s best advice to get into a regular exercise habit How shark habits free up your mind How pirate maps help you achieve your goal The power of intentional community Dan’s Reasonable/Tough, Diet/Workout quadrant Vegetables for breakfast?! Why you shouldn’t necessarily feel destroyed by your workouts The infamous 10,000 kettlebell swing challengeWhat size kettlebell should you use?Getting a workout with a single dumbbell Why Dan advocates for exercising outsideHow do you lose weight and keep it off?Keeping your gut biome healthy

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