In 2021 we saw images from the deep reaches of geologic time, to visionaries working on today’s pressing issues, to a glimpse into a transhuman future.

Inside the machine that saved Moore’s LawCHRISTOPHER PAYNE

How technology might finally start telling farmers things they didn’t already knowLUCAS FOGLIA
Tiffany Chu portrait
The pandemic could remake public transportation for the betterCHONA KASINGER
Lee Hood
Why covid-19 might finally usher in the era of health care based on a patient’s data
Sophie Zhang
She risked everything to expose Facebook. Now she’s telling her story.

tiktok phone
The beauty of TikTok’s secret, surprising, and eerily accurate recommendation algorithmsSIERRA & LENNY
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By: Stephanie Arnett
Title: Our favorite photographs from 2021
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Published Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2021 10:34:01 +0000

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