Oscars 2022 It will be presented on the night of March 27-28, 2022 in Los Angeles. The American Film Academy has repeatedly appreciated the productions in which the Poles participated. Let’s remember that so far the film “Knife in the Water” by Roman Polanski has been nominated. It is impossible to forget the small statues of Pawe Pawlikowski or Janusz KaminskiWho has a chance to win the award again this year. This time he was nominated for cinematography in the remake of the musical “West Side Story” by the director Steven Spielberg. The second pole who can win an Oscar is Tadeusz Łysiak, whose ‘Dress’ will compete for the bust in the Best Acting Short Film category..

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Over the years, there have been many Poles who have appeared at the Oscars. They put on the wall, among other things Agata Colisa if Agnieszka Netherlands. In turn, he appeared in the accompanying events Isabella Miko.

Who else was at the Oscars? How did the guests introduce themselves?

The Poles at the Oscars. look at the pictures

Polish accents on the


By: Rowena Robinson
Title: Oscars 2022. The Poles at the Academy Awards. Who appeared? who won?
Sourced From: www.moviesonline.ca/oscars-2022-the-poles-at-the-academy-awards-who-appeared-who-won/
Published Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2022 14:07:48 +0000

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