2020 McLaren Sabre

McLaren Special Operations (MSO) ensured you wouldn’t confuse the Sabre with any other McLaren. The model is one of the division’s lowest-production bespoke creations, built to the requirements of McLaren’s most discriminating customers. The Sabre shares its roots with the Senna, McLaren’s most track-focused model, but more than 70 percent of the parts are unique to the Sabre. Only 15 of these supercars were built exclusively for use in the U.S., meaning it did not need to adhere to other countries regulations. As a result, the Sabre is McLaren’s widest, most powerful production car. It is equipped with manually adjusted side mirrors — smaller than global markets would allow — a top-mounted wing and a honeycomb engine cover which limit rear visibility. Other styling cues like bulging fenders, vertical rear lights and a center spine echo an LMP car. In a nod to the Sabre’s road-first intent, MSO used a more compliant suspension than it did on other McLaren Ultimate Series cars. The active diffuser — a first-ever for McLaren — limits drag while going into downforce mode underbraking. The hydraulic steering is chattery, direct and communicative while handling the power that comes from an 824-horsepower twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with new cylinder heads and revised mapping – all hooked to an automatic transmission. The exhaust is composed of Inconel from the same superalloy used on F1 cars. As a result, this is the fastest two-seat McLaren road car ever built, featuring a 218 mph top speed. This particular supercar comes finished in Pacific Colour Stream paint with a black carbon fiber interior and is offered with 193 miles.


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By: Barrett-Jackson
Title: OFFERED FOR PRIVATE SALE: This 2020 McLaren Sabre Is Part Of An Incredibly-Limited-Run (One Of 15) Made Just For The U.S. Market
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Published Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2022 18:18:44 +0000

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