For 2022, the Concours of Elegance will have a brand-new feature that will celebrate the pioneering women of the automotive world, the Levitt Concours. On September 3, Saturday, female enthusiasts and their vehicles will take center stage in the new one-day driving tour and bespoke showcase feature that will be held at Hampton Court Palace. There will be a variety of around 30 rare and exotic women-owned vehicles that will showcase different models from Austin Healey 3000s to Ferrari Daytonas. Starting at the Odney Club, the event will finish at the Concours of Elegance.

To honor the first English female racing driver Dorothy Levitt, the new concours, the Levitt Concours is named after her. She is well known for setting the ladies’ world land speed record and the first water speed record. Nicknamed the ‘Fastest Girl on Earth’, Dorothy Levitt was not just a pioneer in the world of automotive, she was also a motoring enthusiast as well as an accomplished pilot.

Levitt’s racing career started in 1903. Behind the wheel of a 12hp Gladiator, she won her class at the Southport Speed Trials. In 1905, in a De Dion-Bouton she made a round trip drive from London to Liverpool, making the trip in just two days and broke the record for the ‘longest drive by a lady driver’. What made it more impressive was that at the time, tarmac roads were practically nonexistent. Road maps, road signs, and petrol stations were not even invented yet. What she had with her are two very reliable companions, her Pomeranian dog, ‘Dodo’ and an automatic Colt revolver which was also known as ‘the secret of the Dainty Motoriste’. Levitt opened the doors to women drivers all over the world and showed them the freedoms it offered.

Today, the world of thoroughbred racing cars and high-end collector vehicles are still seen as a hobby that is dominated by men, although in reality, some of the most insatiable speed demons and some of the most knowledgeable car collectors in the world are, and always have been, women.

The Levitt Concours will place the limelight on these women and at the same time, honor one of the most pioneering drivers of all time.

The upcoming Levitt Concours is just one event in the largest and most ambitious Concours of Elegance event yet. Celebrating their 10th year anniversary, guests can look forward to a total of 70 rare and exotic cars from all over the world that will be spread on the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. A lot of these cars have never been seen in the UK before, and they will be part of the Main Concours event.

There will also be some pretty special displays outside of the Main Concours, where they will showcase winners from previous editions of the Concours of Elegance. Another new feature is ‘The Collector’ display which will showcase an individual’s passionate collection of seven rare Packard Twelves.

During the weekend of September 2-4, there will be around 1,000 cars that will be on display at the Hampton Court Palace.

Aside from the automotive displays, the Concours of Elegance is a weekend of pure luxury. Charles Heidsieck will be providing the champagne, while Fortnum & Mason is providing the picnics. Chubb Insurance will be providing entertainment through live stage interviews. Gooding & Co

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Title: New Levitt Concours At Concours Of Elegance Celebrates Pioneering Women
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