The lightest and most abundant element in the universe is giving batteries a run for their money. Although the idea isn’t new, safely storing the liquid has proved difficult. Because the molecules are so small, they literally float between the atoms of their tank. Thanks to a few proprietary new technologies, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a hydrogen-powered Semi Truck.

By forcing H2 through a fuel cell, you will receive electricity in exchange for dihydrogen monoxide. This liquid is a byproduct of the reaction and it can be stored onboard. Some scientists will even drink it to prove how safe a hydrogen future will be. With more range than batteries can offer, the only problem holding it back is that the only 39 gas stations offer it, and they are all in California. Tell us what you think of it in the comments below and stay with us for all your Mercedes-Benz news.

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By: Andrew Nabors
Title: Mercedes-Benz Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Semi Truck
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Published Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2020 13:30:20 +0000

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