Mercado Central San Jose Costa Rica

Located in the center of downtown San Jose, Mercado Central is the largest market in the city. It was founded back in 1880 and contains over 250 stores catering to all manner of shoppers from locals to tourists.

Of particular joy to me, is that the local component of the market is its strongest, as it is definitely more of a local destination than a market that has given into tourists (like some have in London).

In this brief blog post, I’m going to share pictures of the market and several of its highlight for non-locals like myself to go and support some of the vendors and enjoy what the market has to offer.

Mercado Central – San Jose, Costa Rica

Central Market San Jose Costa Rica Shops

Upon entering the market, one is greeted by small passageways that draw you in to see what lays beyond. At first, it may seem to just be touristic items (although to be fair, some of these did seem more artisanal) and iPhone charger cables, but this drops off very quickly to what you’d hope and expect from an active and lively market in Central America.

With all the small passageways, it can be easy to get a little turned around. The market occupies a full city block, so although not small it’s not overly large, and hard to get truly lost in.  So enjoy exploring.

Food: Fruits, Spices, Meats & More…

I’ve been to markets all over the world, and it’s always a pleasure to see things I’ve never seen. I saw fruits, roots, and other items I’m not even sure what they were!

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