Do you feel that guys?

Winter is coming.

In fact, it’s almost here.

Are you ready for it?

More importantly, is your wardrobe ready?

There are so many clothing mistakes I see every winter and it’s time to set the record straight.

In today’s article, I am giving you a men’s winter style guide on the 7 clothing mistakes most men make and how to avoid them.


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Mistake #1: Not Layering Intelligently

mens layering clothes

This might not seem like the biggest issue but a lot of men don’t know how to layer properly.

First, you need to understand the basic rule: thinnest to thickest. The thinnest layer should be the closest to your body.

For example: if you have a heavy coat, vest, shirt and thermal top, you’ll want to layer it in this order:

  1. Thermal
  2. Shirt
  3. Vest
  4. Heavy Coat

This will allow you to stay as flexible as possible and as warm as possible.

Layering will give you the most possibilities during your day as well. Let’s say it’s snowing outside and all you’re wearing is a heavy winter coat over your dress shirt. That’s great but when you get to work, you have to take off that top layer.

What if it’s still cold inside? What if a co-worker left a window open?

Easy solution: add more layers. Through a sweater on overtop your dress shirt so that you have more options to use during your day.


Mistake #2: The Wrong Gear for the Job

wrong style clothes for winter

Guys, you have to have the right gear for your climate in the winter. How do you do this?

Study the weather.

Once you know the weather of your area, you can then choose items that are appropriate for your climate.

If you’re in California and it’s getting down to 50 degrees, you don’t need a winter coat. Instead, opt for a medium jacket that will keep you plenty warm.

If you’re in Canada and it’s snowing everyday and it’s below freezing everyday, you need a heavy-duty jacket as well as sturdy boots with a rubber sole to keep your grip.

A light jacket can still be used as a layering piece in the winter underneath a heavier coat.

Another issue I see guys do all the time in the winter is wearing sneakers in the snow. I love sneakers but they are not equipped for the snow.

Not only will you have a harder time staying on your feet, but most sneakers are not made to stand up to the harsher climate of winter.


Mistake #3: Overspending on The Wrong Items

burning money

It’s important to understand what is important to spend money on and what isn’t.

First of all, a name brand does not necessarily mean it’s better. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of brands but you have to do your research on what you spend your hard-earned money on.

Some major name brands will promote a winter jacket made of polyester. While polyester is fine when mixed with other fabrics, coats made of mostly polyester won’t stand up to the cold.

Polyester is not breathable and may leave you sweaty if the temperature were to rise or if you’re shoveling snow while wearing it.

Instead, try to get a jacket made of wool or a wool-blend. These will keep you warm while being moisture-resistant and flame-retardant. Wool jackets are long-lasting as well.

Also, don’t overspend for something you don’t need. This may seem obvious but you may be surprised.

For example, you don’t need a coat that will protect you from sub-zero temperatures if it never gets below 30 degrees where you live. While it would be nice, it’s overkill and ultimately a waste of money.


Mistake #4: Not Investing Enough on the Correct Items

best men's fall jackets peacoat

A wool pea coat is always a worth-while investment.

While it’s easy to overspend on the wrong items, it’s also easy to not spend enough on the correct items.

What are the correct items to invest in?

  • Coats & Jackets
  • Thermal Underwear
  • Footwear

When it comes to coats and jackets, you need a high quality one. Just like I said before, you want a wool or wool-blend coat. These can often be more expensive than their polyester counterparts.

Thermal underwear is another place to invest. These are your first line of defensive and a foundation to your layering for winter. If you don’t have a great foundation, you won’t stay warm enough. These will also be against your skin and you’re going to want that to feel as comfortable as possible.

While thermal underwear is the foundation of your layers, footwear is the foundation of your whole outfit. You have to invest in quality when it comes to footwear for any season but especially winter.

goodyear welt infographic winter style

What to look for in quality footwear? The construction of the shoe. Look for a Goodyear welt.

The best part of spending so much on all of these products is that they will all last you much longer than their cheaper options would. Spend a little bit more now on the right products and you’ll never have to spend again (even though you’ll want to).

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Mistake #5: Not Leveraging the Power of Color and Patterns

shoes every man should own suede chukka boots

Suede boots are a great way to add more texture to an outfit.

This is a problem I see a lot of guys doing and they don’t even realize it. The best part of winter and fall is that you can bring in so many different colors and patterns that you normally can’t wear in summer or spring.

You don’t want to be wearing pastel colors in the winter because it just wouldn’t fit. Try to mimic the environments change in color. What do I mean by this?

Take trees and grass as an example. In the summer, a lot of trees are bright green and the grass is as well. In fall and winter, the leaves begin to change colors and become warmer. The grass becomes more muted. As winter comes, the trees are darker with more texture on the bark from the harsh weather.

Use neutral colors like black, navy, tan, and olive green and patterns like corduroy and tweed for winter.

These are all great colors and patterns for winter and will help your wardrobe to fit into the winter season. If you were to wear bright colors, you would stand out horrible and the heat from the sun wouldn’t warm you as much because those colors are more reflective.


Mistake #6: Ill-Fitting Clothing

tailor measuring a suit

Your tailor should ALWAYS be your best friend.

Guys, just because it’s colder outside doesn’t mean that you can just forget about tailoring. It’s easy to do. You’re more focused on staying warm but looking good is still a huge part of winter style.

The normal rules apply: nothing too tight or too baggy. Find that happy sweet spot that is fitted or tailored to you. This will give your clothes a high-quality appearance and make you look even better.

A common mistake men make is wearing their pants too tight or too baggy. In winter, both are bad options. First of all, they both look bad. That’s easy. But did you know that this can keep you from staying warm?

It’s all about air and heat conductivity. If your pants are so baggy that air circulates too easily, then warm air isn’t trapped in them. If the material of your pants is permeable to the air (which most skinny jeans and pants are), the tight pants will give you no protection and the wind will cut right through them.


Mistake #7: Not Wearing Quality Sunglasses

mens winter style guide sunglasses

Believe it or not, the sun is closer to the Earth during Winter which makes the sun brighter in the Winter.

Because of the Earth’s axis being shifted, the Northern Hemisphere is closer to the sun during Winter. It is a common misconception that the seasons are caused by the Earth’s proximity to the sun. They are actually caused by the angle of the Earth’s axis relative to the sun.

Okay, enough of the science lesson.

Because of this, the sun is closer and brighter. On top of that, all of the snow reflects the sun very harshly and causes it to be even brighter.

In fact, the first sunglasses were made in the prehistoric time by the Inuit people and were just flattened ivory glasses with small slits to see through to block the sun.

Today, quality sunglasses are defined by their UV protection. You want to find a pair of sunglasses that blocks 100% of UV rays. Polarization is another nice touch that will reduce glare.


Mistake #8: Not Moisturizing & Grooming

mens winter style guide moisturizing

In the winter, we get kind of lazy guys. “No Shave November” is all the rage and I am saying you shouldn’t do it.

I mean you can do it but many will think you are lazy and unkempt which is never something you want to hear. It’s also important to moisturizer.

In fact, it might be more important to moisturizer in the winter than it is in the summer. This is due to the dryness in the air which will cause your skin to crack and become flakey.

Lastly, it’s important to not take extremely hot showers in the winter. While they feel good, they will lead to your skin being more dry and damaged.


Men’s Winter Style Guide – Summary

There you have it guys.

The 7 most common cold weather style mistakes that most guys make.

Well most guys except you.

Now that you know not to shower with water that is too warm, why not learn all of the hair mistakes you are making?

Click here to check out my guide to the worst hair mistakes you are making that are damaging your hair or check out more articles below!

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