In this day and age, buying a car and maintaining it is expensive. With rising car prices and interest rates on loans, you will want to find ways to cut costs.One way to cut costs is by doing some car maintenance at home. DIY-ing your way through this maintenance work will not only help you save on service costs but also help you hone your skills.So, let’s look at what parts of the car can be fixed and maintained at home.

1.     Engine Oil Change

Changing your engine oil is like feeding a human. The engine oil ensures the smooth running of the engine and maintains its overall health. If you’ve been getting your oil changed regularly, then you already know how expensive this can be. So doing it at home is a cost-effective option.

Step-By-Step Guide On Changing Engine Oil

The first step is to choose the right oil and oil filter for your car. For this, we recommend reading the owner’s manual to understand the oil viscosity suitable for your engineOnce you’ve bought the oil filter and oil, it is time to change the engine oil. Spread plastic under the car where the engine is to prevent oil spills; this will minimize the cleanup required after the oil changeThe second step is to jack up your car. Once jacked, you can use the jack stands and lower the car onto them. Never work under the car when it is only jacked up and not on the standThe next step is to place a large container to drain the old engine oil. Place the container close to the oil plug, where the stream of oil will be coming fromUnscrew the oil plug and let the oil drain into the container. In the meanwhile, you can clean the drain plugOnce the oil is drained, you need to remove the oil filter. When removing the oil filter, ensure the rubber gasket comes off with it; if not, you can peel it off from the engine. You can use an oil filter wrench to do this; make sure the wrench is the right sizeReplace the old oil filter with a new filter. Use a good quality oil filter as this will help maintain oil quality between oil changes. When screwing the filter back on, don’t use a wrench but screw it on by handOnce the oil is drained, place the drain plug back, ensuring it is screwed on tightNow you can add the fresh engine oil from the top of the engineOnce you’ve added the fresh oil, close the cover and start the engine for 30 seconds to warm the hot, and have it move in the engine system

2.     Changing The Air Filter

Changing your air filter is another car maintenance task that can be performed at home. Let’s take a look at how you can change your air filter.

Step-By-Step Guide On Changing Your Air Filter

The air filter can be found under the car’s hood in a black box. Usually, the box has clips to hold it in place. You can easily identify the box by searching for the clipsOpen the clips and remove the

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