>Luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Automotive has announced that a windscreen version of the Elva roadster will commence production shortly. 

The windscreen version was conceived for customers who either prefer to have a physical screen instead of the air barrier that the Active Air Management System (AAMS) provided or those in USA states that require the windscreen to meet local legal requirements. 

Despite the windscreen Elva having its own engineering program to maximize aerodynamic and dynamic performance, it experiences the same ethos and performance of the the original car.

 “Super-lightweight and extremely powerful, the Elva delivers the ultimate connection between a driver, the road and the elements. Roofless and without windows, whether you opt for the screenless model with its sophisticated AAMS technology that provides an invisible barrier of air, or the windscreen version with an additional level of enclosure, this is a roadster that rewards owners with the most exhilarating of open-air driving experiences delivered as only a McLaren can.” 

McLaren Automotive Chief Executive Officer, Mike Flewitt.

Neither cars have a roof, rear screen, or side windows. With its weight of less than 2866 lbs and being fitted with a mid-mounted, 815PS, twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine, the combination imparts the ultimate driving euphoria. 

looking down on McLaren Elva Windscreen Version

The screenless McLaren Elva is the lightest road car that McLaren Automotive has ever produced. The windscreen version, being only 44 lbs heavier, is fitted with electronically synchronized rain-sensing wipers, washer jets, and sun visors.

The acceleration of both Elva versions is similar to the McLaren Senna. From a standstill, the screenless version can sprint to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. The dynamic performance and vehicle stiffness of both versions are also unchanged, as well as the exhilarating driving experience. The windscreen version delivers greater protection from the elements, but the level of excitement prevails.

The Elva bridges McLaren’s rich history, to its present and future as it carries the name and style that is reminiscent of the 1960s McLaren-Elva race cars.

Those cars were one of the earliest sportscars that Bruce McLaren and his company designed and raced. Now, the Elva evoked the spirit of driving pleasure that the vehicles symbolize.  

interior of car

cockpit of car

As an homage to Bruce McLaren iconic race cars, heritage liveries like the one pictured have captured the imaginations of Elva owners.

Demand for similar bespoke customization provided by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) has created a series of unique and powerfully dramatic cars. Less than 150 Elva examples will be specified and built to customer order.  

Customers will be receiving the first units of the windscreen Elva towards the end of the year after the personalization by McLaren Special Operations. 


[Source: McLaren]

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By: Sports Car Digest
Title: McLaren Elva Windscreen Version to Commence Limited Production
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