Leather Sole on Mark Albert Loafer Slippers

On plenty of occasions, whether it be here on BespokeUnit’s men’s shoe reviews or in-person to anyone who will listen (willingly or unwillingly), I’ve professed a devotion towards leather boots of all styles.

However, the spring and summer seasons of 2020 brought with them many changes, the most universal of which was a large amount of time spent indoors. Naturally, my eyes drifted to social media and online shoe forums where my attention was piqued by a style I was not too familiar with – the premium leather slipper / wholecut loafer. As any normal person does, I began obsessively researching the styles, constructions, materials, and price ranges to see what was out there.

For a number of reasons which I will outline in the following post via the below categories, I chose to go with the Mark Albert Loafer in Black Roughout; I haven’t looked back since.

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