MANSCAPED™ was founded in 2017. We realized that there was a concerning shortage of resources for men who wanted to learn more and improve their understanding and skills with grooming

Our Goal

Our original goal was to design premium tools that could do great work at affordable prices. Since then, we have reimagined male grooming tools at every turn, and we have no intention of stopping. Our products can help any man look and feel his best, and the consistent positive feedback lets us know that you appreciate them.

Where MANSCAPED Is Available 

With so much support, we’ve been able to go gloBALL. MANSCAPED is available in 34 countries, and that covers most of the EU, Canada, and Australia. With so much outreach and interaction, we sponsor sports teams all over the world. We have Canadian hockey, Australian rugby, and English football in our corner.

If you want to look and feel your best MANSCAPED is here to help.

MANSCAPED’s Products

We’re proud of our engineers. They have made amazing tools and revolutionized the male grooming game. Here, you can find a complete lineup of our products.

Our Male Grooming Products

The Lawn Mower® 3.0

The Lawn Mower® 3.0 trimmer is the flagship of the whole operation. This body groomer is safe, efficient, sleek, easy to use and everything you need to change how you think about body hair.

The Weed Whacker™

The Weed Whacker™ ear and nose hair trimmer is a perfect device for controlling hair in your ears and nose. It is fast, safe, easy and convenient.

The Shears 2.0

The Shears 2.0

The Shears 2.0 nail set is a comprehensive nail care system. You can clip your nails, handle hangnails, file, and clean your fingertips, all with this one set.

Our Wet Products

Crop Preserver®

Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver® ball deodorant is the best ball deodorant you will ever use. The formula helps keep you cool while it controls moisture and reduces friction. Nothing in the world feels quite like Crop Preserver deodorant. 

Crop Cleanser™

Crop Cleanser

Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash is an all-in-one shower wash. You can use it on your body and your scalp, and its formula will help keep you clean, hydrated and fresh.

Crop Reviver®

Crop Reviver

Crop Reviver® ball toner is a refreshing spray-on toner. It is a gentle spray that helps soothe the boys after a shave. It also smells amazing and is great for refreshing the lower body when you’re on the verge of some rank B.O.

Foot Duster™

Foot Duster

Foot Duster™  foot spray is foot deodorant. It’s kind of weird that more people don’t use foot deodorant, but your feet never have to smell terrible again.

Refined Cologne

MANSCAPED Refined Cologne

Refined Cologne will provide the finishing touch before an important meeting or date. You definitely want to smell your best.

Crop Mop™


Crop Mop™ wipes are  wet wipes for men. More specifically, it’s a cleaning wipe for your junk. It’s great after a workout or when you need a shower but can’t make it happen.

Extras Products By MANSCAPED



Boxers made by MANSCAPED are optimized for comfort. They have a comfortable, relaxed fit that won’t irritate you after you groom, and they help reduce chafing.



The T-Shirt is comfortable and easy going. Most importantly, it lets everyone know that you take great care of yourself. It also advertises your excellent taste.

The Shed

The Shed

The Shed is a premium carrying case. You can consolidate all of your important male grooming tools in this one place, and it’s ready to travel with you at any time.

Magic Mat™

Magic Mat

Magic Mat™ shaving mat is the key to maintaining a consistent grooming routine. It collects the mess so your grooming doesn’t become a miserably, messy chore.

Packages Offered Through MANSCAPED

The Performance Package

The Performance Package

The Performance Package is a streamlined kit that has everything you need for high-performance grooming. The kit includes The Lawn Mower 3.0, Weed Whacker, Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. It also has a set of Magic Mats and a pair of MANSCAPED boxers.

The Perfect Package 3.0

The Perfect Package 3.0

The Perfect Package 3.0 is the essential grooming kit. It has everything you need to get started. In the kit is The Lawn Mower 3.0, Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, boxers and a set of Magic Mats.

Crop Care Kit

Crop Care Kit

Crop Care Kit focuses on making your manhood feel amazing. With Crop Cleanser, Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, Foot Duster and Crop Mops, you have everything you need to keep yourself pristine.

The Basics of Using MANSCAPED Products For Male Grooming

Having tools is great. Having a solid plan for using them is even better. Grooming does not have to be a long, difficult, or complicated process. While there are a few steps to this process, they are easy to follow and remember.

Trimming With The Lawn Mower 3.0

Man Holding The Lawn Mower 3.0

The first step in trimming hairs below the waist is remember your Magic Mat shaving mat. Lay it down so cleanup will be easy. Once you do that, you can drop your shorts and grab The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. If you’re new to this, we recommend starting with the longest trimming guard and doing a once-over of every hairy part down there. If you’ve done this before, you know your preferred length.

Tips For Shaving

From here, we can discuss shaving. Shaving is not mandatory, but if you are going to do it, you want to do it right. Soften the hairs and open up the pores with warm water. You can take a shower or just use a warm washcloth to do the job. Once that is finished, use your shaving cream and grab your razor. Take your time and make sure you pull skin taut wherever wrinkles threaten to ruin your smooth shave.

Using Our Products For Aftercare

Whether or not you shaved, you’re done with grooming, but you don’t want to stop your routine here. Grooming can be hard on the skin and hair, so you want to do a bit of after care.

If you haven’t yet, this is a great time to shower. You can clean yourself with Crop Cleanser body wash to get rid of the hair clippings and ensure that you won’t get a skin infection. It will also help with hydrating your skin and general health.

Preventing Chafing & Remaining Fresh All Day

Man Putting Crop Preserver In His Hand

When you’re done shower, pat yourself dry. You don’t want to use your towel aggressively because the groomed skin is probably sensitive. When dry, you can apply Crop Preserver ball deodorant. It will keep irritable skin from chafing or otherwise getting inflamed throughout the day. You can also use a dose of Crop Reviver ball toner. The Aloe in the formula is soothing and restorative.

That is a total grooming session. If you ever need to expand on it, you can make time to trim your nose and ears with the Weed Whacker trimmer. Foot Duster foot spray is a nice complement to the work you’re already doing, and Crop Mop wipes will prevent a sweaty day from ruining the benefits you get from grooming so effectively.

Why Male Grooming Should Be A Regular Routine

You have the tools to groom. You know how to go about it. Some of you still might be wondering why. What does grooming really do for you? We’ll break that down. Here are the four reasons you should be grooming on a regular basis.

It Makes You More Attractive

Look. There are some people who prefer a giant bush and the au natural look. We can’t deny that, but those people are definitely in the minority. Most people prefer pubic maintenance in a partner. So, grooming below the waist won’t make you instantly more appealing to everyone who sees you (because you should not be flashing people en masse), it will improve your prospects of turning alone time with a partner into special alone time. You want the fun parts to be inviting, and that’s what good grooming can accomplish.

It Makes You More Confident

There are so many ways that grooming can add a strut to your step. You know you’re sexier downstairs, and that can go to your head in a good way. If grooming helps your love life, that will translate into greater confidence in general, but that’s not the limit of how this works.

Grooming will make your stuff look better. As the old saying goes, when you trim the hedges, the tree stands taller, and it’s true. Every guy can appreciate looking a little bigger in his own eyes.

Grooming Keeps The Smell Away

Beyond that, grooming helps to combat B.O., and MANSCAPED formulas will make you smell amazing. When you’re regularly getting compliments on how you smell, it inflates the old ego, and it’s fun.

Most importantly, grooming is empowering. You’re taking matters into your own hands and being decisive about your body. That always translates to confidence.

It Makes You Feel Good

We often contend that this is the primary reason to groom. Many guys will try it out to impress a woman or because they think it’s something they’re supposed to do. Ultimately, men continue the practice because it feels good.

Hair is an irritant. There’s no other way to put it. Your pubes scratch and tickle your skin. It’s annoying, and it makes you need to scratch yourself all the time. Trim them down and take care of the skin with good products, and you’ll transform your lower body feeling. It will be soft, smooth and cool, and the itching and irritation go away.

Trimming Keeps Your Pubes From Being Tugged

It’s also difficult to express how utterly annoying it is to tug your pubes. Sometimes they get caught in your jeans. Or your underwear. Or anywhere else. When they tug, it sucks. As soon as you cut them down to size, this problem goes away, and you’ll find yourself in a better mood on a regular basis.

If you want to feel your best, grooming your manhood is a powerful tool.

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