Male grooming just got another major upgrade. We’ve been perfecting these tools for years, and we just put them all together in the ultimate set. The MANSCAPED™ Performance Package is the only thing you need to tackle hygiene and body hair like never before. It’s a complete set that aims to bring the world to your knees — the body grooming world at least. We’re quite excited about it, and we want to share that excitement with you today.

What’s in the Kit?

The Performance Package starts at $109.99. For that price, you’re getting a ridiculous amount of power. 

The first major item in the kit is The Lawn Mower 3.0™ trimmer. This is the ultimate body hair trimmer. It’ll handle the bulk of your grooming with no trouble at all.

In the vein of grooming, you also get The Weed Whacker™ nose and ear hair trimmer. It works fast and keeps you safe. Some of the most annoying hair maintenance is made easy.

There are two formulas in the kit that are invaluable: Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant and Crop Reviver™ toner. They’re designed to work together. They’ll keep your nether regions healthy and smelling great.

In addition to these tools, you get a few extras. The Magic Mat™ shaving mat, MANSCAPED Boxers and The Shed travel bag are all included in this package, rounding it out as a complete set.

That’s still not the end of it. You can also opt into the replenishment package. You’ll get replacement blades every three months to make sure your grooming equipment never goes dull.

How Does it Work?

You’re getting a lot of stuff in the Performance Package. It’s a great deal, but it’s even better when you know how to use everything. You have two grooming tools, a few magic formulas and a handful of extra supplies. Making proper use of them isn’t rocket science, but it definitely helps to know what you’re doing. Here’s a quick run-through of how the kit really works.


The key to making the most of the kit is to use it correctly. Body maintenance starts with grooming. You throw down your Magic Mat shaving mat and get to work. It will collect the clippings while you take care of excess body hair with The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer. The first time you do it might take a while, but subsequent grooming sessions will only be a few minutes each.

You can also use The Weed Whacker as needed. Nose trimming usually doesn’t have to be as regular or frequent as body grooming, but The Weed Whacker nose and ear hair trimmer makes it easy and convenient whenever the need arises. Just check this Weed Whacker review. This thing is better than you imagine.

Skin Maintenance

After grooming is when the most important parts of the process occur. You want to shower after you remove body hair, as a rule. That will remove hair clippings and minimize irritation.

When you’re done with your shower, you want to gently pat dry and apply Crop Preserver deodorant. This is where the ball deodorant shines. While it does deodorant things, it will also help your skin recover from the trimming. It will prevent dryness, and it will prevent excess moisture buildup throughout the day. These things together will keep your skin healthy.

How often should you use the Crop Preserver? Every day.

If you need a little extra help, you can apply Crop Reviver toner as needed. The Aloe in the formula will soothe any discomfort.


Since you’re doing all of this work on yourself, you want boxers that promote groin health rather than inhibit it. MANSCAPED Boxers are comfortable, have a proper loose fit, and they wick moisture. These combined effects help you maintain the skin health you built up by using the other parts of the kit. Once you fall in love with the boxers, you can get as many pairs as you want.


Performance Package Reviews

Plenty of users have already spent time with the kit, and they have a lot to say about it. Here are some highlights.

Shawn M. is a true believer. In his glowing review, he highlights one thing above all. The SkinSafe™ technology in MANSCAPED trimmers works. In his own words, “for the very first time, there was no nervousness.”

Charles H. shares the sentiment and points out the value of having everything in one kit. “Couldn’t be happier everything came in 1 box.”

There are plenty of other reviews. You can browse them and decide for yourself if the jury is in.

The MANSCAPED Performance Package is here. You can get all of your tools in a single order. You’ll be good to go and reap the benefits.

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