At MANSCAPED™, we’re known for helping guys groom their bodies. We should probably point out that your face is part of your body, and we make tools for that, too. If you have ever wondered about using MANSCAPED on your face, we have some good news for you. Many of our products are safe for the face, and some are designed for facial use.

The Lawn Mower® 3.0 trimmer  is something we praise as the best of all worlds. It can groom all parts of your body, and it is definitely safe and effective for grooming your face. But there’s a big but. While you can use the trimmer on your face AND body, you definitely need to change the blade when you use it on your face, keeping one specifically for the body and one just for the face. This is to keep from getting staph and bacterial infections from cross-contamination. 

While we’re on that topic, let’s talk a bit more about beard grooming. Most guys think they’re good at it because they have to do it all the time. But, if you stop to really think about it, how much of an expert are you on beard grooming? Have you ever used something besides a razor or a trimmer to fix your face? Maybe, you need to keep reading.

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Methods of Beard Trimming

The simple truth is that you have to manage your facial hair. Even as we enter an era where the majority of people telecommute to work, webcams are part of the game. If people are going to have to look at your face, it’s your obligation as a man to make it an enjoyable experience. That means you have to get rid of your neckbeard. There are a lot of ways to get the job done. Some are common and you’ve done them before. Others are less common, and it’s probably worth exploring why they aren’t popular.

Common Methods

For common face grooming, we have two clear winners. Everyone does both of these, and there are reasons to do either. Shaving and trimming are the staples of male grooming, but if we’re going to be thorough, we have to talk about shaving and trimming your beard. There’s a secret hidden within these common ideas, though. One of them is highly overrated.

Shaving Is The Most Common Method

Shaving is probably the very most common way to groom a beard. Every man learns to shave his face. It’s a right of passage, or something. If we’re laying it all out there, a shave is the best way to have a smooth face, despite how annoying the process can be. There’s a reason we’ve all done it, and many of us still do.

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Just About Everyone Trims Their Face

Trimming comes in at a close second place. Anyone who doesn’t shave their face almost certainly trims it —- unless you star in a reality TV show in the backwoods of Louisiana, of course. Trimming is fast, easy, and painless. A lot of guys would probably be better off ditching their razor for a trimmer, but we can talk about that later.

Uncommon Methods

If you have a strange desire to ditch your trimmers and razors, then there are ways to try to groom your face. Each of these methods comes with major drawbacks, so think carefully before you get too crazy.

Electrolysis Is Painless & Permanent

Electrolysis is really cool. It’s relatively painless, and it works. There are two problems with doing this to your face. First, it’s pricey. More importantly, it’s permanent. If you electrocute the hairs off of your face, you’d better be sure you never want to participate in Movember again.

Hair Removal Cream Is Important To Keep Away From Your Eyes & Nose

Hair removal cream works really well, and for most people, it’s a relatively painless experience. Why is it uncommon on the face? Mostly, you don’t want those creams anywhere near your eyes or nose, and trying to get your beard is unnecessarily risky.

There’s also an issue with skin reactions. Not every person handles hair removal cream the same way. It’s not a matter of toughness. Some skin just doesn’t react well. Until you know how your skin deals with a depilatory cream, you should probably keep it off of your face.

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Waxing Is Painful

Technically speaking, you can wax your face, but have you ever known someone to actually do this? A waxed face would be smooth, and when your beard grows back, it would be delightfully soft. But, there are two reasons this is a crazy idea. The first is pain. The second is the short-term after-effects of waxing. Your face will be read, splotch and probably bloody for at least a day after waxing. Is that what you want?

Benefits of Using a Beard Trimmer

There are tons of reasons to use a beard trimmer to control that manly beard of yours. In the interest of saving time, we’ll only mention a few.

For starters, beard trimmers are the safest way to tame your face. Razors can cut you. Wax can mess up your money maker. Trimmers absolutely minimize damage to your skin and make the process easy.

Another nice feature of a beard trimmer is that you can choose the length. Some guys like to rock a thick, groomed beard. Only a trimmer lets you do that. You can get a close groom, a five o’clock shadow or whatever else you want.

Perhaps most important of all, trimmers are the easiest way to groom your face. You don’t need shaving cream. You don’t need to prep the trimmer. You can do it dry or in the shower. It’s simplified.

Why The Lawn Mower® 3.0 Trimmer?

The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is made to groom any part of your body, and that definitely includes your face. Considering that it is waterproof, has a slip-proof grip, and packs adjustable grooming guards, it can do everything you just read with ease. It’s also cordless with a long-lasting battery. If you want grooming simplified, The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is the choice to make.

If you’re still wondering, “Should I trim my beard with The Lawn Mower 3.0?” then you need to spend more time with MANSCAPED. We tackle important questions like this on a daily basis, so check in and learn something important.

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