The Knob Creek releases just keep on coming. It was only a few months ago the producer of small batch bourbons (under the Jim Beam umbrella) introduced a new 12-year bourbon to the brand’s permanent portfolio. That release closely followed the resurrection of a 9-year-old age statement for the brand’s flagship bourbon. Now the distillery has dropped its oldest age-statement liquid ever, a limited edition 15-year-old straight bourbon whiskey bottled at 100 proof.


This Month’s Knob Creek Bourbon Releases Include a Discontinued Favorite

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All this seems to bode well for Knob Creek’s supply chain. The distillery had to drop the 9-year age statement from its lineup back in 2016 as its bourbon stocks became stretched amid surging demand. Age-statement whiskeys are generally a blend of whiskeys of varying ages, but regulations dictate the age-statement reflect the youngest whiskeys in the blend. When demand outpaces supply, distilleries often alter their blends to include younger whiskeys, forcing them to change their age statements or drop them altogether.

It seems Knob Creek is confident it now has not only sufficient whiskey stocks in the warehouse to meet future demand for its nine-year-old age statement, but also enough older whiskey to add a 12-year old bourbon to its core range and offer up some of its 15-year-old liquid for sale, if on a limited basis.

Value-oriented consumers know Knob Creek as one of the best values in bourbon, at least in terms of bang-for-buck. It’s tough to beat the $30 price tag on its 9-year-old bottle, and at $60 the 12-year is more than reasonable next to