>When the John Wick movie came out, it was a game-changer. The film, starring Keanu Reeves and directed by Chad Stahelski, was a huge hit providing a gritty, realistic take on the typical “avenging hero” story. John Wick’s car forms a significant component of that realism.

If we look at the entertainment industry, the last decade was an extraordinary one. We saw the insane rise of superhero flicks, Marvel sagas, and several very accomplished independent movies.

The CGI effect brought us incredible visual thrills and brought the film to another level in terms of production. However, one of the most memorable movies of the decade was dark, brutal, exciting, and very popular John Wick, which exploded on the scene in 2014 and since spawned two sequels, with third, currently in post-production, is set for debut in 2022.

The John Wick movies gained a cult following with millions of fans all over the world.

But, what made this noir action thriller so famous? Sure, the appearance of Keanu Reeves played a big part as well as a perfectly directed storyline and tons of senseless violence with dark, eerie, noir photography and atmosphere. But, we believe one of the main reasons is the cars used in the movies.

In fact, in the original 2014 flick, John Wick’s car is the starting point for all other events and one of the leading roles.

Although there is not a ton of exciting machinery featured, the three cars John Wick drives are enough to call those three releases “car” movies and gain popularity amongst automotive fans. So, here is a bit more about each of his iconic rides. 

Ford Mustang Boss 429 (1969)

The first installment of the series featured one of the most sought-after Mustang of all times – the mythical 1969 Boss 429.

For those who don’t know, the 1969 Boss 429 was very special and rare, even more than the Shelby models of the same vintage.

Designed as a NASCAR homologation special, Boss 429 featured a unique Semi-Hemi 429 cubic inch engine rated at 335 hp.

Of course, everybody knew that this unit delivered far more than that, but Ford did it for insurance reasons.

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. Source: Mecum 

The Boss 429’s party trick was its competition engine, a high-revving monster which later proved very successful on NASCAR superspeedways but used in Torino body style. 

The Boss 429 had a sticker price significantly higher than the rest of the Mustang lineup for 1969

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