“Hi, my name is Eric, and I love to FAIL!” 

Sounds like a weird way to introduce myself at a meeting or intervention but Failure has recently been a topic in our house. Why? Because, when chasing the many items on our Bucket List, sadly we have had some failures. But that is okay…REALLY! However, failure often comes with negative connotations like you aren’t good enough. Therefore, I believe that this sort of outlook desperately needs to be changed! So, is failure good when chasing your bucket list? The short answer is yes!

Why Failure is Good
Two strips of paper with one saying Failure and the other saying Success

They say that failure is a part of life. I can sense the eye rolls reading that first sentence. I mean doesn’t failure equate to a lack of effort, not giving it your all, or worse yet, weakness? Maybe. But in reality, if you are failing at something it truly means you were at least trying, right? Now, don’t get me wrong, failing at something, especially an item on your bucket list doesn’t lessen the pain or embarrassment. But, if you change your perspective, you will see that failure is good. 

So, how do you change your perspective? Well, we did a little research into the benefits of failure and found 8 advantages to failing that will hopefully motivate us all. That way, you can tackle those hard tasks on your Adventure & Experiences Bucket List.

They say that failure is a part of life. But, is failure good when chasing your bucket list? The short answer is yes! Discover 8 advantages to failing that will hopefully motivate you! #BenefitsOfFailure #FailureToSuccess
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1) Failure is a great lesson in Humility
A Neon sign that says You'll Get it Eventually as a lesson on why Failure is Good

In this day and age, we all want results and we want them now. However, when we fail at a task and delay success, it can often feel horrible. In many situations it can even convince you to quit on your dream. But one of the biggest benefits of failure is that it teaches you humility. When we fail, it allows us to recognize that we are human like everyone else. It also helps us self evaluate so we can try again later. Even Ghandi, in his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments With Truth, admitted, “I have humility enough to confess my errors and to retrace my steps.” 

2) Failing clarifies your Commitment to the Goal

Have you ever been 100% committed to a goal but then you quit after you failed the first time? Don’t worry, we aren’t judging you. In fact after attempting and failing a few of our Bucket List items like reading certain books on our Personal Growth Bucket List, we quit too. I mean have you ever tried to read Grimms’ Fairy Tales? It is freakin hard and really dark! But when you fail at a certain task, it is then that you can clarify your commitment to the goal at hand. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a pass to quit. But often we add items to our various bucket lists that seem like a good idea but aren’t as great in real life. So, when you fail, step back, envision the reward, and if it is still what you want, re-commit yourself to the goal!

3) Failure helps you solve the problem safely
A wrong way sign helping you deal with failurehttps://www.mansbrand.com/the-12-best-dayhikes-along-north-carolinas-blue-ridge-parkway/