Automobili Lamborghini proudly revealed the next-generation rear-wheel drive V10, the Huracán Tecnica. Made for pilots that want driving perfection both on and off the track, the Tecnica’s advanced evolution can be seen in the design, felt in its heightened performance, stability and ease of use, and even its name, Tecnica, captures the advanced evolution and the technical expertise of the Huracan.

Based on the Huracán STO’s engine, it was given an increase of 30 CV compared to the Huracán EVO rear-wheel drive (RWD), the powertrain produces 565 Nm of torque at maximum 6,500 rpm. The Tecnica can accelerate from 1-100 kph in just 3.2 seconds. With the recalibrated LDVI system, tuned driving modes with specific suspension set-up, innovative brake cooling technology, and rear-wheel direct steering, the driver is able to experience the perfect Huracán. The Huracán Tecnica simply gives the drivers the best of both worlds – a versatile super sports car that is perfect for both the road and the track.

Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephen Winkelmann shared, “The Huracán Tecnica condenses Lamborghini’s design and engineering expertise to create the perfect fun-to-drive Huracán, as compelling when driving to the race circuit as it is on the street itself. The Tecnica ensures that the pilot enjoys the strongest connection to the car and asphalt, with the car’s potential always at his fingertips for ease of use in every driving mode and environment: in an era of virtual experiences it pays homage to technical purity and physical sensation. The Tecnica completes the Huracán line-up, sitting perfectly between the RWD and the track-focused STO, flawlessly presenting technology, performance and the Huracán’s V10 aspirated engine in a dramatically evolved design.”

Tecnica Engineering

Like the STO, the Huracán Tecnica’s 5.2 I powerplant has the same 640 CV power output, producing 565 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm providing exciting but comfortable everyday driving, with maximum power and torque ready to immediately respond when needed.

With a dry weight of only 1,379 kg, the weight-to-power ratio of the Tecnica is an impressive 2.15 kg/CV. The Tecnica leaves nothing unturned, as the uprated power gives an enhanced, sharper engine sound at higher revs especially when heard inside the cockpit.

At the heart of this Huracán is the LDVI (Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata) system. It provides perfect driving dynamics by controlling and integrating vehicle systems and sets it up to provide feed-forward pre-control in virtual real-time.

The rear-wheel steering with direct steering ratio and torque vectoring is incorporated with a modified Performance Traction Control System (P-TCS) and specific suspension set-up in the rear-wheel drive Tecnica. There are three drive modes that can be selected: STRADA, SPORT, or CORSA and each mode is a dynamic system calibrated on the Tecnica so it has a completely different response to each environment.

In STRADA mode, stability and maneuverability is provided by the rear-wheel steering which is complemented by the torque vectoring and P-TCS. The engine and gearbox are turned to provide comfortable everyday driving.

Driving fun is maximized in SPORT mode, which is provided by the rear-wheel steering’s enhanced oversteer and the enhanced slip threshold of the P-TCS. Agility and the responsiveness of the Tecnica to the driver is ensured by the torque vectoring. A simple touch of the accelerator emits a response from the powertrain while the seven-speed gearbox provides a tactile and emotive shift.

CORSA mode unleashes the car’s racing spirit. In this mode, the pilot’s every input is responded to with extreme precision and speed. The sound of Lamborghini’s naturally aspirated engine gives a not-so-subtle reminder that underneath the beautiful exterior is a track-ready behemoth. The powertrain is calibrated for maximum track-oriented throttle response and the quickest gearshifts. Through the LDVI which controls all the systems, the Tecnica exhibits maximum precision and agility, as well as maximum lateral and longitudinal grip from the torque vectoring and P-TCS.

As a result of Lamborghini’s track experience, they were able to produce a new brake cooling management system that delivers infinitely better braking performance both on the road and on track. Equipped with carbon ceramic

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Title: Introducing Automobili Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica (With Gallery Photos)
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