In May, I wrote about honoring our mothers and grandmothers, so it’s only fair that this month I discuss fathers and grandfathers, as we typically think of June as a time to honor the male figures in our lives.

Unfortunately, neither my father nor grandfather is alive, but I’m staying strong by reliving my fond memories of them.

Loss so Deep

Even though my father died nearly 30 years ago, I feel his presence every day – not only when I look in the mirror and see the green eyes he gave me, but also when I see his genetics passed down to my children and grandchildren.

When my dad died, on that rainy New York evening in 1991, I felt orphaned. He and I had enjoyed a deep spiritual connection, and even though his passing did not come as a surprise, it was devastating, and I still miss him.

ll About Love, Life, and Laughter

Born in Königsberg, Germany, in 1921, my father, Edward Marquise, was a happy-go-lucky man – and a Holocaust survivor. He cherished life and those he loved. One of his favorite sayings was “Live and let live.”

He was nonjudgmental, had a positive attitude, and, whenever possible, loved making people laugh. Everyone who met my father, loved him. He worked as a toy salesman, so I had every toy sample imaginable when I was growing up, including an extensive Barbie-and-Ken collection.

After I married and had kids of my own, my father continued his tradition of bestowing toys on my children. He was one of those grandfathers who would get down on the floor and play with mykids.

One day, while driving to work, my father started to cough up blood. He was petrified. He stopped at a red light and tossed his pack of Kool cigarettes out the window. That night he was admitted

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By: Diana Raab
Title: In Honor of the Men in Our Lives – Our Fathers and Grandfathers
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Published Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2020 16:00:00 +0000

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