>The 2021 London Concours will be hosting a curated exhibit of iconic or innovative British automotive styles and the personalities behind them.

The upcoming 2021 London Concours will feature a class that dedicated completely to Iconic British Designs, and the Brits who made them. The curated collection is one of three London Concours special features to be featured in 2021. They will be displayed beside seven other classes, with near 100 rare and exotic vehicles anticipated for the event. 

 “On the global stage, Great Britain has always punched above its weight when it comes to automotive design and innovation. What we really wanted to do with the Iconic British Designs class was shine a light not just on the cars themselves but on some of the people responsible for these achievements – without them, the UK automotive scene wouldn’t be quite the same.” 

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director

The first two vehicles in the collection are not just British icons but are also global legends. The timeless and ingenious design of the Mini by Sir Alec Issigonis will be displayed along with the Jaguar E-type Series I by Malcolm Sayer, who had experience in aviation design and a rigorous scientific method for aerodynamics.  

Another car that will be displayed within the class is by Gordon Murray, South African-born British designer, who is well known for the iconic McLaren F1, but also had involvement in the little-known Light Car Company Rocket. The two-seater Rocket weighs 340kg and is powered by a 1.0-liter Yamaha engine with less than 150hp but can launch itself from 0-60mph is roughly four seconds. 

Peter Stevens, who was Murray’s co-designer for the McLaren F1, will also be featuring his work at the London Concours with the Jaguar XJR-15. The XJR-15 is the first road car in the world to have a carbon fiber chassis and body. Only 53 XJR-15 units were ever built, and the one to be displayed is heavily influenced by the Le Mans-winning XJR-9 with a 6.0-liter V12 engine, generating around 450hp. 

Jaguar XJR 15

London Concours will also be honoring the Range Rover for being instrumental in the luxury SUV range and its designer Charles Spencer King. At the event, a Range Rover CSK, a tribute to ‘Spen’ King, will be on display, of which only 200 were produced. The V8 was modified to be able to produce 185hp,

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Title: Iconic British Design Class to Feature at the 2021 London Concours
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