Hunting Outfits

While hunting can be traced back to the time of the cavemen, modern sport or game hunting emerged much later in time, with its roots seemingly coming from ancient Greece. Divided into two types, recreational and trophy, sport or game hunting has long been a pastime of choice for a lot of outdoorsmen.

As with other sports, hunting often requires specific equipment. One of these necessities is the hunting get-up or outfit. Built to withstand certain weather extremes as well as be versatile enough for a variety of terrains, these outfits have to pass certain quality standards and meet consumer tastes and specification as well.

Some prime examples of these kinds of outfits are the Redhead CWS Parka and Bibs for men. These are built from a windproof and waterproof material that also boasts of breath ability. This breathable fabric facilitates the transportation of sweat out of the clothing while keeping outside moisture at bay. This technology also ensures that this fabric can keep out stiff, bone chilling winds and cold weather to keep you warm and focused while you hunt.

The Redhead CWS Parka is designed with the serious hunter in mind. Incorporating certain design elements such as its ultra-efficient pocket scheme and thermal liner, the Redhead CWS Parka is indeed a piece of hunting clothing you shouldn’t do without. Other features of this remarkable piece of hunting clothing include taffeta lining, a polyester shell that is ultra-quiet, under-arm gussets, an insulated hood that is removable and has snaps and a full-zip front complete with storm flap. Adjustable wrists, shock cord tighteners, cargo pockets equipped with hand warmers and a 7 inch accessory pocket and a whole lot of other features complete the Redhead CWS Parka.

The Redhead CWS Bib for Men is the perfect partner for the Redhead CWS Parka. Built with the same cold weather system as the parka, the Redhead CWS Bib for Men keeps the cold weather out while keeping the warmth in with its insulated interior. This tough piece of clothing is also remarkably easy to wear, wasting none of the hunter’s time in dressing. Like the parka, the bib also comes with multiple features that include numerous pockets and non-glare snaps. It also has a 2-way 17 inch zipper complete with storm flap, a partially elastic waist, hip-high leg zippers also with storm flaps and 2 zipper pockets that are lined. Other pockets for the bib include the security flapped back pocket and 2 more cargo pockets. All zippers on both the bib and the parka are reliable YKK brand zippers.

These outfits come in the camouflage designs aptly named Mossy Oak and Real Tree Hardwood. Available in sizes: ranging from Medium to Large and all the way to 3XL. Other outfits included in this line are the Redhead Deluxe Overalls and Redhead All Season Jackets, which are also for men. These hunting outfits can be had for prices ranging from $69.95 up to $139.88, with some outfits currently on sale.