Wearing Gold is Timeless Fashion

Wearing gold has been a sign of decadence, class, and wealth for many centuries, while still holding true against the test of time. The oldest pieces of jewelry found during excavations are believed to be over 75,000 years old.

gold jewelry for men
Different cultures have attached different significance to gold, but almost every culture has always recognized it as a metal of deep value. In Hinduism, gold and silver are considered sacred metals. Gold is associated with the sun and with immortality. As many Hindus believe that the origin of life came from a golden egg (the sun), wearing gold is highly favored and many women through India do this down to this day, in recognition of these beliefs.

In ancient Egypt, gold jewelry was used as a way to guarantee free passage to the other side after death, and ancient pharaohs would be buried with their gold jewelry in order for it to protect them as they journeyed beyond death.

As well, across different centuries when women could not own property, gold jewelry was a way for these women to protect themselves in case their husbands were lost. They would wear this jewelry as a means of not only displaying their status but also as a way of protecting their future, similar to life insurance.

Of course, there are much more ways to wear gold than just jewelry, with gold teeth, gold accessories, gold clothing, shoes and even gold smartphones becoming commonplace in this day and age. Gold is still a timeless way of creating elegance and adding a sense of status and style to your person, so finding a way to embrace gold that works with your own style is a great asset.

Types of Gold – Gold Jewelry

Too often, when people hear ‘gold’, they think of traditional yellow gold, often in the simple wedding bands worn by so many. However, the world of gold is varied and multifaceted, with many different styles of gold which offer a wide range of options when it comes to choosing what suits your own style best.

Here’s a rundown of the types of gold available on the market…

Yellow Gold – yellow gold is created by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc. It’s the purest color out of the golds and is also the most hypoallergenic. It also requires the least maintenance.

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White Gold – white gold is made from a mix of gold and platinum, or palladium. White gold is a more durable gold than yellow gold, and also is more scratch-resistant. It can also be more affordable than both yellow gold and platinum when they’re on their own

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