A lot of guys get nervous when they first contemplate shaving below the waist. We can’t imagine why? There’s nothing scary about it. There’s no risk, and absolutely nothing could go completely, horrifically wrong, right?

If you’re a guy who wants to clean up his lower-body hair but is worried about making unpleasant mistakes, you’re not alone. There are techniques and tricks that can help you, and one of the very first is to choose the right shaving cream. We’re about to tell you something revolutionary. The best shaving cream for shaving your boys is no shaving cream at all. Does that surprise you? Keep reading. We’ll address all of your concerns, and then we’ll teach you the correct way to take care of the boys.

What’s in a Cream?

Who really needs shaving cream anyways? We’re real men. Real men shave without cream. Or water. We do it completely dry — with the edge of our giant swords. That’s the way.

Wait. We’re talking about shaving downstairs? Oh. Maybe we can reconsider this for a minute.

Jokes aside, shaving creams, gels, and other lubricants are really important for shaving — regardless of the body part in question. The lubrication helps the blade glide smoothly across the skin. This leads to a more pleasant experience. It’s safer. It’s more comfortable. It reduces the risk of infection. There are reasons that everyone always talks about picking the right shaving lubricant. If you don’t, there are consequences that you might not like.

What Happens When You Dry Shave?

Most guys dry shave at some point in their life. If you’re among them, then you have an idea of what happens to your flesh when you skip the shaving cream. Let’s get into the gruesome details for a minute. Sure, a dry shave is irritating and riskier, but why?

Well, even though your razor blade is likely made out of steel, it’s not as strong as you might assume. Razors are sharpened down to extremely fine points, and when the metal gets thin enough, it loses some of the toughness and durability you might expect it to have. The thin metal is easily bent, scratched, and even chipped — by your hair. Seriously, this is why blades go dull.

Your lubricant helps the razor by softening the hairs and reducing the friction that prevents the blade from making clean cuts on the first pass. This reduces the bending and damage to the blade, and that makes it less likely that the blade will cause unintended damage to your skin. Think about shaving with a perfectly smooth blade (down to the near-microscopic level) vs a distorted, mangled blade. It should be clear why this is bad for you.

Why Not Just Use Cream?

That’s a fair question. You could shave your lower bits exactly the same way you go about shaving your face. In fact, a lot of guys do exactly that. Do you really need another option? Well, there are a few reasons you might want to change it up. The first is speed. You don’t always have all day to take care of the boys (which is the greatest crime of modern life). You want a solution that doesn’t put them at risk but also doesn’t take all day.

The other issue is that even when you use lubrication, you can still cut yourself shaving. Shaving downstairs isn’t the easiest thing in the world. If there’s a method that works without cream, maybe it’s better all around. Here’s a hint for you. There’s a way that’s better all around.


The Lawn Mower 3.0.

The trick to shaving without cream, and managing your groin hair in general, is to stop using a razor on your manhood. Why was that ever really a consideration? Was it just a lack of creativity? Why would you want to scrape a razor blade across the most precious flesh on your whole body? It’s just crazy talk. No, we’re going to be smart about this. You can just use a trimmer. It’s easier, safer, and cleaner. It’s better in every way, especially when you make use of The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 trimmer. It’s the real solution to male grooming.

How to Trim Properly

Ok. We have a plan. Let’s take a few minutes to discuss execution. Using a trimmer is way easier than using a razor blade, but there are still some tricks to the trade. If you don’t know them, trimming will still be safer than shaving, but you won’t be getting the most out of your grooming sessions. Let’s go over some of the most important points so you can make this transition with minimal discomfort.

Do It Dry

A lot of blogs and style advisors will say to take a warm shower first. There is some merit in that advice. A warm shower will soften the hair follicles, but that’s more important if you’re going to actually shave vs trim. With the 3.0, the pre-shower routine isn’t necessary. You can skip special lubricants too. Our SkinSafe™ technology will protect you thoroughly, so you can trim without worry.

By trimming dry, you are free to shower after you’re done grooming. This is better for a lot of reasons. It makes sure you clear away the irritating hair clippings. It also enables you to be extra clean and fresh when you’re doing your male grooming thing.

Go With the Grain

Even though your trimmer is practically magical in how well it protects you, you want to go with the grain. This makes the trimming a lot easier. It gives you considerably more control, and it reduces the risks of tugging (which are pretty minimal when you use The Lawn Mower trimmer). Most importantly, going with the grain helps you control the length of your trim and avoid getting the hair too short. Yes, this is a thing. In fact, let’s do a whole section on it.

Don’t Trim Too Short

We’re talking about shaving your testicles, but the truth is that manscaping doesn’t require baldness. There are several reasons to keep a little lengthen on your lower fur. For starters, it looks better. Male anatomy was not designed by nature to be displayed in hairless framing. You have pubic hair for a reason. While trimming makes things look bigger and better, putting every last vein in an undisturbed view isn’t always a winning plan. Do you want to see male body parts in their hairless glory? Why would you assume anyone else does?

That’s really only a cursory issue. The major reason to manage your hair length is that cutting them too short leads to physical misery. You’ve shaved your face. Has the stubble ever proved irritating? Now think about this. Is your crotch hair softer or coarser than your facial hair? Go ahead and do the math. You don’t want groin stubble. It will itch and burn and make you walk funny for at least a day.

Even if you go short enough to not have stubble (a really close shave), it grows back. When it does, you’ll pay the price.

You can skip this whole issue by using your cutting guard to keep the hair just long enough to not be prickly. It takes practice to know exactly what that length is, so we always recommend starting with the longer guards and slowly working your way down. Once you know the limits, you can simplify the process and go straight to your desired length.

Remember After Care

MANSCAPED formulations

Trimming is nowhere near as rough on the body as shaving, but you still want aftercare. We already talked about showering when you finish. This gets you clean to minimize irritation. That’s very important. If you use Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash, you’ll turn your shower into a revitalization of your groin skin. It just makes you feel better and healthier in general.

After your shower, you want to gently pat dry. Then, you can apply some ball deodorant. This is about more than smelling great throughout the day (which you will). Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant is formulated to help control lower-body moisture. This can reduce dryness and chafing. It also keeps you from getting swampy and gross. Hitting that sweet spot will change your life in ways you can’t imagine.

In addition to ball deodorant, you also want to apply Crop Reviver™ refreshing spritz. This is an aloe formula that helps soothe any irritation that can occur from grooming. It also helps you improve your skin if you haven’t been taking proper care of it lately. Even if you aren’t bombarding yourself with a razor, you want the healthiest skin in the nether regions that you can possibly get.

You now know the great secret. Male grooming is super important, but it doesn’t have to involve a razor. You can get all of the tools you need in a convenient set known as The Perfect Package 3.0. That and everything else you need for your grooming is all available at MANSCAPED.com. Check it out regularly for the latest blog updates and newest, fun tools.


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By: Christina Ablahad
Title: How to Shave Down There Without Shaving Cream
Sourced From: www.manscaped.com/blogs/grooming/how-to-shave-down-there-without-shaving-cream
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