Okay, gents – let’s get real for a second. Crotch sweat and stinky balls are problems that all men face at some point in their lives. Some of us are lucky and catch it before it becomes a problem.

However, I’ve known men find themselves in an intimate situation with a lady to then be rejected at the last minute – all because of embarrassing ball sweat.

The last thing you want when you engage with those around you is the self-consciousness of sweaty balls.

The truth is, men have been told for years to use baby powder or medicated powder to help keep our manly parts fresh.

Unfortunately, standard-issue baby powder isn’t a foolproof method. If you’re a guy who sweats a river down there, regular powders turn into paste, which only worsens the discomfort and odor.

Trust me – I’m from central Texas. I understand what heat can do for the southern regions of a man.

You know me, gents. I consider it my duty to answer the hard questions in men’s style. This entire article is dedicated to eradicating the problem of crotch sweat for good.

Let’s get to it.

The Science Behind Crotch Sweat

To solve a problem – we first need to understand the root cause.

Kelley Pagliai Redbord, M.D, a dermatologist at George Washington University, goes on record saying, “sweat and moisture mix with the natural bacteria on your skin to cause body odor.

Without being too graphic here – let’s just say that it’s not surprising that a man’s groin is the ideal incubator for unpleasant smells. It’s hot and humid down there, and junior is tucked away underneath layers of clothing. That’s not what I would call a well-ventilated situation.

Fear not, Gents – there are plenty of solutions out there. Do a bit of research, and you’ll see that there are hundreds of powders on the market that will help solve the issue of excessive crotch sweat.

However, not all sweaty ball solutions are created equally. The problem with some of them comes down to the ingredients used by the supplier.

That’s why I personally tested 12 different powders over 24 days. Although this was not a scientific study, I put each powder to the test and tried them on for a few days to get a feel for their real-life performance.

From my findings – I present to you the three ingredients you need to avoid if you want to eradicate crotch sweat from your life for good.

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1. Check For Talc

Talcum powder can help combat crotch sweat - but isn’t the best product on the market

Everyone’s heard of talc – but I bet many of you guys didn’t know the dangers of this ingredient when used in certain cosmetic products.

Sure –it absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction when in powder form (talcum powder).

However, Talc – in its natural form – contains asbestos which is a carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). Since the 1970’s all talcum-based products have been asbestos-free as per governmental regulations.  I note this fact because you want to do your homework to make sure that the products you use are, in fact, asbestos-free. Unfortunately, cutting corners is not an uncommon reality in business.

My point is this – when it comes to serious illness, why take the chance? If you are using talcum powder to stay dry and control odor in the knowledge that some powder particles could cause you harm, is it really worth it?

I know that I don’t want potential cancer-causing agents near my “boys”.

Right off the bat, this potential danger is enough for me to get rid of 7 out of the 12 powders that I tested because they contain talcum powder.

2. Avoid Powders Scented With Menthol

menthol is harmful ingredient for your skin

Menthol is an organic compound made from mint oils mixed with acidic compounds (salicylic acid). These ingredients form a combination that provides that cooling sensation in body powders.

Often a bottle that states the product is ‘medicated’ indicates that menthol is present.

In short – this compound can be problematic for a lot of men who:

  • Suffer from sensitive skin
  • Use larger doses because they sweat heavily
  • Use it for long periods without rinsing it off

There have been reports of discoloration, stinging, and burning as a result of using mentholated and medicated powders. OUCH!

Many guys also report that they don’t want their testicles to smell like cool mint if it will bring them discomfort. They are more concerned with their balls being:

  • Non-irritated
  • Sweat free
  • Without odor

As a result, I eliminated another product from my test sample – leaving only three powders on my list. Of those three powders, I eliminated two more based on their fragrance.

Although these products were talc and menthol-free their scent was not designed for grown men. They were mild baby powders and smelled like them too. No grown man wants to smell like a child.

3. Look Out For Aluminum

aluminum is harmful ingredient in skincare

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum. Its purpose is to clog up the pores of your skin to prevent you from sweating. Why do I mention using antiperspirants? Believe it or not – some guys will use a deodorant stick to help with the odor and sweat in their nether regions – bad move gents.

While preventing sweating is the goal, your body needs to breathe, especially around the critical glands in your groin area.

Additionally, there are risks associated with aluminum. It has been associated with:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Bone Disorders
  • Kidney Problems
  • Skin rashes – click here to see a study on aluminum and skin rashes by the National Institute of Health

Whether you have an active lifestyle like that of a personal trainer or you’re just a guy that perspires a lot, crotch sweat is a valid concern.

It might be tempting to double up your antiperspirant – but I would strongly advise against it. Instead – use a product specifically designed for men that can combat crotch sweat without the above risks.

The number one ball powder on my list does just that – find out more about this great product below.

What Ball Powder Should You Choose?

The ball powder I recommend is Pete and Pedro’s Body and Balls Powder. This product is specifically designed for men and works to eliminate crotch sweat before it becomes a problem. Pete and Pedro’s Body and Ball Powder is formulated to meet the performance needs of a man’s body chemistry while providing all the necessary features of an excellent ball powder.

A study conducted at Osaka International University and Kobe University in Japan was published in Experimental Physiology and found, out of all the groups tested, the men in the groups perspired the most. This suggests that a man’s body temperature warms up faster to produce the sweat needed to keep him cool.

Since this is the case, products that stop sweating have to be specifically engineered to combat the rate and strength at which a man’s body heats up.

pete & pedro quality ball powder
Pete and Pedro’s Powder comes in three great scent options – take your pick!

When testing out Pete and Pedro’s Body and Ball Powder, I found that this great product was:

  • Designed specifically for men to prevent excessive chafing and odor
  • Able to provide cool soothing relief without the use of talc
  • Made with natural ingredients to minimize side effects
  • Great for sensitive skin and didn’t leave any rashes or marks after use
  • Pleasantly scented without a medicated or baby smell
  • Carefully designed powder that caused minimal clumping
  • Long-lasting and able to withstand friction and heat

Our Top 12 Ball Powders For Men:

  1. Pete and Pedro’s Body and Ball Powder – WINNER!
  2. Chasis Premium Powder (no Talc, aluminum, parabens, or menthol)
  3. Nature’s Baby Organics Powder (Talc & Menthol Free – For Babies)
  4. Fromonda Cool Mint (Talc Free & Contains 0.01% Menthol in some products)
  5. Grooming Lounge Super Powder (Contains Talc)
  6. Monkey Butt (Contains Talc)
  7. Imperial Leather (Contains Talc)
  8. Balla Powder (Contains Talc)
  9. Johnson’s Baby Powder (Contains Talc)
  10. Pinaud Clubman (Contains Talc)
  11. Silver Cup (Contains Talc)
  12. Goldbond Baby Powder (Contains Talc & Menthol)

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