Your travels are undoubtedly filled with plenty of fun activities and trying new things, but although you want to spend some time to yourself and enjoy your travels, your followers and audience will need updates, too. This is a crucial part of maintaining a following no matter what you do, so it’s vital to know how to stay engaged, even when you’re doing something different from your usual routine. 

You can’t expect people to stay interested; you need to give them a reason, so consider these useful tips to keep your audience engaged while traveling and maybe bring some new followers to your accounts. 

Open Up Your Account
Opening Public a Facebook Account business page is key to growing

Those who embrace the Private Account can often encounter some problems when trying to build a following. Unless you’re a certified name, people will be unwilling to follow someone whose content is not viewable. 

This is especially true when traveling. While you don’t need to make your account permanently open (especially if you value privacy when you get home), opening your account during your vacation will help people engage with your content. It will make it easier for people to find you and see what other posts you make, which can encourage them to give you a follow and see more. 

If you’re an influencer or a small biz, it can be hard to detach while your away. But these useful tips can keep your audience engaged while traveling so you can enjoy your trip! #TravelBlogger #InfluencerTips #EngagementRates
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Keep Posting

It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of travel, especially if you’re someone who loves to do as much as possible every single day. This can cause some problems, though. You may get so busy that you forget to post something. Although one or two days off isn’t bad, anything longer could cause people to disengage. 

Knowing how to upload photos to iCloud from iPhone can ensure you save the most important snaps from each day. From here, you can schedule posts to upload whenever you like. You can do this during your downtime before going to bed, as it means you won’t need to disrupt the next day to make a post.

Research Hashtags and Trends

It doesn’t matter how good your photos are or how witty your captions will be, engagement is all about the hashtags, locations, and trends. Because of this, you’ll need to know how to find relevant hashtags about your destination. 

This will help you connect with other people in the area, as well as anyone interested in visiting. You can provide a front-row seat to everything there is to do, which can help people get excited about their next chance to travel the world. 

Know The Key Places
A bunch of travel bloggers for the Bucket List Project Taking a selfie at a popular place like the the Arc de Triomphe to keep their Instagram audience engaged

Similarly, you should also know which are the most popular spots for tourists and travelers, as this will increase your views and engagement. Every country has its own Eiffel Tower or White Temple, so you should find this place to ensure people find your content. 

This will give them a great introduction to your page and help
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